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 Jeff "Defender" Jones *DEAD AS A CAN OF SPAM* (thanks obama)

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Jeff "Defender" Jones *DEAD AS A CAN OF SPAM* (thanks obama) Empty
PostSubject: Jeff "Defender" Jones *DEAD AS A CAN OF SPAM* (thanks obama)   Jeff "Defender" Jones *DEAD AS A CAN OF SPAM* (thanks obama) EmptyMon Sep 29, 2014 4:46 pm

Name: Jeff Jones Nickname: "Defender"
Country of origin: Canada
Birthplace: Suburbs of Toronto, Ontario
Age: 19
Known languages: Fluent American English, some French, no russian
Accent: Canadian, will beat you up if you say "eh".
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160 lb.
Hair style and colour: Short and dark brown, usually messy.
Body build: Slim. Slightly muscular arms and legs, but not very strong
Eye colour: Green or blue, not able to tell
Current faction: Loner, gun for hire.
Mental disabilities: None
Physical disabilities: None.
Previous occupations: Hunter for a taxitermist, clerk, criminal
Hobbies: Weapon repair, writing.
Family: Still alive, very few left alive in good condition. Nearest "family" member was Romi Slovachek. Rest are scattered around Canada and the Northern U.S
Romi Slovachek {Unknown} Good Guy I met back home once. No idea where he is though
Jonathan Sheperd {Aquaintance} Another canadian, helped me kill Jar Jar and Crimson.
T-Bone {Aquaintance} Some American guy, sounds like someone from Chicago or something. Helped take down Jar Jar and Crimson, like Jon. Seems alright
Petro Petrovich[DEAD] {Barely Knew him} Friend of Jon's. Seemed like a good guy. Shame he had to die the way he did.
Jeff Jones was born in a small suburb of Toronto in 1995. Like most of his friends, he played hockey and had few electronic toys. It was from that he earned his nickname of "Defender", due to him being the best defender in the league. After his graduation, he bypassed college because he couldn't afford it. He became a hunter for a shady taxidermist, a job that payed well, ableit a hard job. In 2009, a new taxidermy operation started in downtown Toronto. Jeff's employer gave him a backpack and told him to welcome their new buisness partners. Jeff went and welcomed them, and gave them the backpack as goodwill. No more than ten minutes after he had left, the taxidermy shop exploded in a ball of fire. He was branded a terrorist and hounded by the Canadian police. He crossed into the U.S, and took a temporary new identity as a failed buisinessman. He bought a ticket to Ukraine with his tiny amount of money left. There, he learned of the Zone, which could make him a fortune in this small, war-ridden country. He left in early 2014, and has been looking for a way out ever since.

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Jeff "Defender" Jones *DEAD AS A CAN OF SPAM* (thanks obama)
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