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 'Valentine' [Dead]

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STALKER Name: 'Valentine'
Real Name: Faye Asher
Faction: Loner

Age: 22
Height: 5 Foot 7 Inches
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Bright Blue

Known languages: English & Italian

Status: Alive

Mental illnesses: None

Physical disabilities: Asthma Type 2(Only has it under extreme stress)

Hobbies: Running, Horseback Riding, Drawing

Former occupations: None

Motto: Run, your will to live can sometimes be faster than how quickly they can shoot.

Family: Left them all behind, forgot about them.

Foster Family:
Living: Emma 'Sparrow' Kale(Sister Figure)
Deceased: Jullian 'Ace' Marksven(Boyfriend-like-relation)

Faye Asher was born in Italy, in a small town near the ocean. Faye grew up with only a mother and a father, she was an only child. Her parents were farmers, just like every Italian family, and her parents raised her to tend the land as soon as she was able.
Faye was a smart girl, she wore black rimmed glasses and had pretty long hair, in school she was your classic bookworm. The only other thing you could find Faye doing in her free time when she wasn't farming with her parents was running. Despite her being Born with Asthma she ran almost everyday. Faye never ran with a destination in mind, she just did it because she could. Eventually she overcame the majority of her Asthma, making it now Type 2 instead of Type 1. Under extreme stress she'll sometimes be taken by Asthma attacks, but she does her best to gather herself before that happens.
When Faye started high school she got the name 'San Valentino' or Valentine. She always enjoyed watching couples do couple things and just generally be happy together, and she started guessing who her friends would end up with and what not, she was very often correct in her guesses for she was a good judge of character. Eventually people started calling her 'Valentine' for she was a generally gifted matchmaker.
Faye received her first Horse at the age of 15. It's name was 'Veloce'. Italian for Speedy. It was almost like her best friend and she cared for it and loved it dearly. However, Veloce had a tumor in his brain and died only two years later, she's never forgotten him.
At the age of 21 Faye decided it was time for her to leave home, and instead of following what her parents wanted for her... she left for Ukraine. They were outraged, absolutely furious and they said they'd disown her... She left anyway, and she forgot about her life in Italy.
The only life ahead of her now was life in The Zone. The first person she met was 'Ace' an ex-Army SF Marksman who died protecting her from a firefight against UKM. She hid in a closet and watched Ace's neck get snapped and body tossed out a window.
Shortly after she met 'Sparrow' a Bounty Hunter with a Peg-leg who took her in and taught her the ins and outs of shooting, and surviving.
The rest is left to be told.

Love/Good Friend/Friend/Neutral/Disliked/Enemy
'Ace'(Dead): Was in love with him, for the few months they were together she looked up to him and almost felt as if they shared a connection.
'Sparrow': Owes her life to Sparrow for she taught Faye the ins and outs of the zone.
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'Valentine' [Dead]
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