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 Anderson 'Vulture' Knight [Dead]

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PostSubject: Anderson 'Vulture' Knight [Dead]   Anderson 'Vulture' Knight [Dead] EmptyWed Sep 24, 2014 5:37 pm

Evil<████████ | ████████>Good
INSANE!<███████|██████|██████>All good.​

Love|Good Friend|Friend|Neutral|Disliked|Enemy
-Khan: As I look over to my left hand I see I have no ring finger....Thanks. He did stop Talia from what seems like killing me well until you know, he also saved my life, as of now he is staying as a friend....can't say that about some others though.
-Talia: She.....wants to kill Carter.....this is not good. I must follow on her or stop her somehow, even if it costs my life in the process.
-Raksho: Fucking prick almost got me caught...doesn't really matter now seeing as half the world probably knows.....oh haha almost forgot I gave em' amnesia, that was fun.
-Nahuel: Some guy...that's really all I know, and the fact he like that....what was it...That Leaf girl.
-Sophia: Well she don't like me either....what a surprise. I have a feeling she might be a part of this big 'King' thing to.
-Doctor Needles: Got Talia's voice back so that's good right?......right?
-Emma: She knows of my occupation...they say she could be trusted and she protected me from the old woman and her loud mouth in Loner Town.
-Joeseph: Again he knows about me too....from Emma...Yay! Yet another pearson I have to look into.
-Axel: Eh he did help with the whole voice thing but.....he is just....there is something about em'.
-Carter: I know....he is my only way out of this hell on earth....but that might have to change, I never wanted it to end like this. It was just an in and out mission, only I might not be coming back home.
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Anderson 'Vulture' Knight [Dead]
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