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 Talia Timbers [Deceased]

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PostSubject: Talia Timbers [Deceased]    Talia Timbers [Deceased]  EmptyTue Sep 09, 2014 6:09 pm

STALKER Name: Talia 'Bluebird' Timbers
Real Name: Alexandria Victoria Parkers
Faction: Loner

Age: 25
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Short Chestnut-Brown
Eyes: Cherrywood Brown

Known languages: No more
Status: Deceased [Cause: Decapitation via mutant]

Mental illnesses:  No more

Physical disabilities: No more

Hobbies: No more

Former occupations: Group carrier & scout for her drug ring back in her home town.

Motto: No more

Talia grew up in a foster home in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her older 'siblings' ran a dangerous drug ring in competition with another for the surrounding cities. They recruited her as a carrier when she was only nine because she could do things more undetected. Eventually the group ran away from their home, taking her with them. They lived like a small gang; mugging people because it was fun. Talia witnessed a lot of sickening things during her time with them. Some things such as spousal abuse and drug usage. One of the only people who was really caring of her was murdered by the drug ring leader after she refused to have sex with him. Talia stole her friend's music box (one that she had recieved from her mother) and ran away with it. She was found by the police who questioned her. Terrified, she ended up causing the crackdown on the drug rings (By this time she was only 12). The police couldn't let her go due to her confessing taking part in the illegal actions and they detained her in a mental hospital for some time. She was released when she was 15 for good behavior, but found the outside life too hard to fall back into. She returned to a life of crime until she was caught at age 18. Now an adult, they detained her in prison. Prison life was no easy on her and quickly corroded her innocence (or what was left of it). She was sentenced to spend the rest of her life in jail in isolation after she killed another two inmates. However, that sentence was cut short when a jailbreak happened. A lot of prisoners managed to escape. A few of the friends she'd managed to make during her time, helped break her out. 21 year old Talia and company broke free of the prison and went missing. The three made their own group and made a living as best they could. Things went fine for them and they were able to make a good living. They changed their names and somehow became legal citizens again in their new home of Austria. Her two friends were able to fall back into civilian life easily, but Talia (now 24) was not happy with the lacking life style. How she heard about STALKERS and 'The Zone' she'll never remember but it sounded just like what she needed. And off she went. She came to the zone under her new identity just a few days before her birthday, and started her new life.

Family: Unknown

Foster Family:

Living: Jennifer(Inmate#243), Elizabeth(Inmate#244), Amanda(Original Foster mother)
Deceased: Dameon(Drug ring leader), Jamie(Care taker), James(Original Foster father)

Love/Good Friend/Friend/Neutral/Disliked/Enemy

Nahuel [DECEASED]: Poor bastard... That poor fucking bastard... May he rest in peace now in the hands of the watchers.
Anton: If he had just been here... Maybe he could have stopped all of this.
Sophia: I thought I could trust her. I though.. I thought she understood. But she just doesn't and she never will. I hope she finds suffering where ever she goes.
Yuri: Husband to Sophia. How he could love her is beyond me.
Colin: Alright guy. Didn't outright insult me half as bad as the rest of his gang. Maybe he held back? I don't know....
Khan: Wise man. Loyal friend until the end, even if he doesn't understand her now.
Bones [DECEASED]: I sent him off to the watchers today. I cried as he fell limp in my arms. I never meant for any of this to happen... Why can't I stop myself?
Vulture [DECEASED]: I could have been better to you... I should have been THERE for you. Why wasn't I there for you?
Carter [DECEASED]: This was all YOUR fault. You did this to us--to me! I could have been happy but you tore everything to pieces you insufferable prick!
Axel: Good kid... wish I could say goodbye.
Alexi: No more beautiful music. I am sorry my friend. You would be so disappointed in me right now. I hope one day you can forgive me.
Raksho: Literal Trash. Nothing good can come from his existence in this zone.
Emma: Apparently got the poor kid killed. How disappointing. How very disappointing...
Alison: Helpful Freedom soldier even in my final days.
Herc: You must be so disappointed in me for what I've done and what I'm going to do... I won't ask for your forgiveness because I do not deserve it. I don't deserve anyones forgiveness anymore.

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I like this.

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Talia Timbers [Deceased]
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