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 Alison Washington [DECEASED]

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Alison Washington [DECEASED] Thisan10

Name: Alison Washington
Faction: Freedom
Age: 29
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Short & shaggy bleach blonde
Eyes: Pale, minty green
Status: KIA - Death by Getting Lit The Fuck Up.
Known Languages: Lithuanian, English, Latvian, Estonian, and Russian.
Mental Illnesses: None
Physical disabilities: Limp in her left leg.
Hobbies: Hunting, Mountain climbing, and Parkour.
Former occupations: Part time deli worker.
Motto: If you've got enemies then that's good. It means you've stood up for something in your life.

Back story: Alison was born in Kazlų Rūda, Lithuania. Her mother was a resident there while her father was originally from Germany. Alison's mother worked as secretary who often joined protests and groups that demanded change in their city and those around them. Her father (once he settled down in the city with his wife) worked as a butcher at his own shop which he kept open every day except Sunday. On Sundays, Ali's father took her hunting (despite his mother saying girls shouldn't learn such things). Her childhood was pretty basic for any human being growing up where she did. Things only turned for the interesting when her younger sibling Missy pulled her aside and told her stories about The Zone. While the stories were vague, they told of great reward. She was presented with a choice. A dull life at home, or a sense of adventure like those of a fairy tale? Over the next few months, the sisters made plans to leave their home country for the mysterious lands of Russia. About a year before they planned to leave, Missy was murdered by her high school sweetheart. Livid, Alison extracted her revenge by waiting in the woods outside of his house with her dad's hunting rifle and shot him in the head once he left the house to pick up his dog from the groomers. After, she raced back home and grabbed all of her things she'd packed earlier. She left her home behind her and joined the many making their way to the zone. Alison arrived within the zone at age twenty-three. She would spend the next couple of years hopping from group to group, trying her best to survive the zone. She would eventually join up with Freedom along with another of her group after their group wandered in the middle of a Freedom versus Duty fire fight in which Duty unloaded onto two of their group members without question. She has been a loyal member since.

Family: Muarine (mother), Leonard (father), Missy[Deceased] (sister).

Relationships: Love / Good friend / Friend / Neutral / Dislike / Enemy

Gracie: Wishes she could have said goodbye.  
The Dusted Man (Dusty) [Retired]: A good enough man by her standards. Didn't talk to him much herself, but Trinity talked about him and the group a lot so she has a decent enough idea.  
Talia [DECEASED]: Feels terrible for not having been there to protect her.
Petya: Good STALKER lass.
Vulture [DECEASED]: The poor bastard was a cunt, but everyone has their reasons.
Khan: Weird man who is also conqueror of corn.
Sophia [Left the Zone]: Pleasant STALKER woman.
Axel [DECEASED]: Is sad about the news of his death. He was a bush fucker, but he was HER bush fucker.
Nahuel [DECEASED]: Didn't know him too well, but he was a good kid.  
Valentine [DECEASED]: Seemed nice enough at the time. Regrets not talking to her more.
Raksho [DECEASED]: Still a defensive prick STALKER...
Friedrich [DECEASED]: Misses him a bit. Walking around Loner Town feels a bit emptier without him there to tackle and talk to first thing in the morning.
Andy and Ivan: Fuckin' cunts.
Negan: Even bigger fuckin' cunt.
Buster: Beloved mutant dog.
Lerreh: Who the fuck is this guy even?
Spooks ('Spooky'): Her commander. Believes in formalities. Expresses a level head. Is easier on his subordinates, allowing them to call him by his name instead of Sir.
Abas: Always her little bush fucker...Always.
Geoff: Rookie who's a bit too nosy.
WhightKnight (Trinity) [Retired]: A woman who has been through a lot with her. They've worked well together and it saddens her that Trinity is leaving like she is. What Trinity has asked of her is a heavy burden, however, Alison has taken it on as a promise. Perhaps, one day, they'll laugh about all of this over  a cup of coffee.....
Clubs (Yuri): Her rookie. Good kid with a decent head on his shoulders. Really wishes he hadn't gone into the tunnels but.. kids will be kids right?
Andrew: A loyal friend until the end. [/center]

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PostSubject: Re: Alison Washington [DECEASED]   Alison Washington [DECEASED] EmptyThu Oct 09, 2014 4:48 pm

Abas: Bush fucker's younger brother. Likes this one better.

1. Awwwwww, thank you, you have two characters that like me Very Happy
2. Just wondering, did you really have to trample poor Abas underfoot, then shower him with kisses and threaten anyone who hurts him?
3. Does this mean all of Freedom wuvs meh? Razz
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>Geoff: Rookie who's a bit too nosy.

feels good to be nosy. get ya nose in the game. yeee.
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Alison Washington [DECEASED]
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