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 [FACTION RULES] The Command of the Wish-Granter

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PostSubject: [FACTION RULES] The Command of the Wish-Granter   [FACTION RULES] The Command of the Wish-Granter EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 10:58 pm


Chances are many of you who have applied have experienced Monolith before, and likely many of you have noticed canonical differences between the handling of Monolith on the various StalkerRPs on Gmod, and their portrayal in the games. In an attempt to correct this, CBMRP has taken a look at how Monolith has handled itself through various games, and is attempting to provide an accurate, immersive, and balanced experience. This likely goes against many things that were presented or portrayed int he past, namely, we must begin with one key mention:

Almost everything that Wbtrex did with his involvement in the Monolith was not accurate to the lore.

The Monolith as hyperaggressive raiders, involved in the 'breedstock' issue, conducting patrols in non-C-con vital areas, and open association with C-Con and mutants are all cases of inaccuracy with the Monolith.

As I have come to understand it, the Monolith are the defenders of the C-Consciousness. They exist to defend the C-Consciousness and maintain its existence in the zone. To do this, they must defend key areas, ward stalkers away, and remove possible threats to this security. This results in a faction that focuses primarily on defense, attacking in very specific manner, solely to ensure the stability of the C-Consciousness.

Breedstock is a horribly embarrassing mention for any and all people involved in its implementation within the Monolith. Shame. For the most part, Monolith do not exist within the outer zone, and again - they are rarely raiders and aggressors to others stalkers - the Monolith attack only when their territory is threatened. A 'patrol' for the Monolith does not seem ideal, unless its a very specific area that they are guarding. At which, they would not want to draw unnecessary attention in the event that there are unwittingly close stalkers nearby. Lastly so, Monolith do not control, or interact with mutants. They avoid mutants, that's the extent of their relationship.

[FACTION RULES] The Command of the Wish-Granter Monolith_by_m_r_p
The Rules

  • You may not defect from the Monolith without a written notice of Admin Approval.
  • You may not realize the death of the C-Consciousness.
  • You may not attempt to subvert Stalkers by becoming a Spy in another faction.
  • Monolith suicides are rare, and to do so, you must have admin approval, and be of a rank to carry a grenade.
  • You may not engage in sexual contact (I hate to drop the hammer on ERP, but - I think the Monolith lose those feelings).
  • Monolith are required to suffer from physical effects as all other humanoids, they are not absent from feeling pain.
  • Monolithian Snipers are restricted to Administrator Coordinated Events Only.
  • Monolith are not permitted to interact with mutants - as, they're mutants, they'll bite you.
  • Monolith do not have control of StalkerNet, seriously. No Metagaming.
  • You may not use your Monolith Whitelist to create a Loner Sleeper without preplanned approval.
  • The Monolith cannot 'sense' things.
  • You cannot know every language to have existed throughout human history. Seriously. Seriously. Please don't make me cry.
  • Monolith have no extraneous means of protection in the zone. During the time of the C-Consciousness, they existed to defend it, not the other way around. Even if it still existed, the C-Consciousness would not act to save a single squad - nor would the Monolith attempt it to do such. With the death of the C-Consciousness, the zone has no way of directing or aiding them in any way.

[FACTION RULES] The Command of the Wish-Granter CiHdBQO

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[FACTION RULES] The Command of the Wish-Granter
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