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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 12:19 am

General Rules of the Server

1. Listen to the Admins- Admins are here to keep everything peaceful and enjoyable. They will make decisions based on what is best for the server overall and will take all accounts into consideration when a problem arises. PLEASE try to not be an asshole to them as they do this. If you have a real concern, bring it up on the forums. It will be addressed. If you decide to be a dick, a fitting punishment will be carried out.

2. We all get a little "Moist" at times. If you decide to engage in erotic roleplay, please do it where nobody will find you, even by accident. Nobody wants to see you get nasty. Not in-game or in console. It doesn't matter whether or not people do it ingame or through Steam, please don't put it it in Global OOC chat or seem outright disgusting ingame. If you are to stumble upon erotic roleplay, and post logs, this can be a bannable offense for the parties involved. These things are private ICly and OOCly, and if by happenstance you fall upon them, do not spread them. If you are to ERP, try to use Steam chat. It will keep the flow out of the normal chat, and in a smaller proximity. If someone stumbles apon you Icly, just /it something vague and simple.

3. Please don't minge. Please don't Meta-game or Power-game. We all want to have fun here. Don't go out of your way to ruin it for others. We call those people "Assholes" and assholes can easily be kicked or banned.

4. Don't FailRp. Respond to events around you. /me when you're picking something up. Simple stuff like that.

5. If an Administrator asks you to do something, just do it. If it's unreasonable, bring it to Nazz or another Admin.

6. Please remember that it's a job to be an administrator. It's not a privilege for being someone's friend or ERP buddy. Don't try to win the special favor of an admin. We love you all.
we want things to be fair for you all.

7. You are IC at all times on the server. The only exception is if you're not at your computer, I.E being afk. You may not 'oocly observe' without administrator content, or 'walk around OOCly'. There are no OOC actions. If you do something like entering a doorway, or jumping into a pit, it's all IC.
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General Rules
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