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 Rules about Character Harm

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Rules about Character Harm Empty
PostSubject: Rules about Character Harm   Rules about Character Harm EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 12:21 am

Rules on Character Harm

1. If you are harmed Icly, roleplay it. Just because a firefight ends, doesn't mean the winner's extra holes just seal up. If you cannot save your character during a minor event or fight, Just use the New-Life Rule. It's okay.. We don't win everything. We get mugged and such. You don't have to God mode. I promise.

2. Administrators will have the last say on whether someone is temporarily killed, or permanently killed. Keep note that we won't PK you for losing a minor fight. Only major events and accounts of stupidity.

3. Suicide is a PK. I don't care who you are. Faction characters can get replaced.

4. Don't ICly attack factions... This is an account of getting Pk'd for stupidity... If you die, that is. Mugging factions gets no loot. Sorry, but that shit has to be replaced. Unless it is in an event, you shouldn't take hostile actions against major factions anyways.

5. If your character is killed while on a Job or in an Event... It's a Pk. There is very little exception to this rule. Doing things that can be potentially rewarding could potentially get you killed. You should be told the danger of the job and you can decide if you want to take it. Just keep in mind that Job givers don't want to OOCly kill your character and one's survival depends on one's actions. There is no exception of a death issued by an event character. If you die in an event, you get PKd.

6. PI’s and TI’s are administered by admins. In most cases, a sense of logic can be applied.

8. Use discretion when taking injuries. You cannot take shots to the chest and be okay later. If you’re shot in the chest, you’re most likely down for the count. Nobody is a god in the wild-wild-west. RP injuries accordingly.

9. If your character cannot heal injuries, seek medical attention. If you are unfamiliar with Medical RP, I would suggest reading this guide written by Nazz. http://pastebin.com/AA00MT3p The contents are for an Army Medkit, but can be applied to the others as well. All characters with extensive medical knowledge must have a character page on the forums stating so.

10. In a firefight RP. You need to actually have ammo loaded, and shoot it after RPing it. If you don't have actual ammo, you don't have ammo ICly.

11. There are no OOC actions. If you do something like entering a doorway, or jumping into a pit, it's all IC.
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Rules about Character Harm
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