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PostSubject: Noodle's Monolith App   Noodle's Monolith App EmptyTue Sep 23, 2014 11:16 pm

|In-Character Information|
Name: 'Mochi'
Age: 20 α
Previous Life Affiliations: An avid airsoft player, nationally ranked in the Japanese league. Introduced to the zone by an online friend, joined the fray out of curiosity and the sense of adventure.
Specializations (if any): Assault

|Faction Related Information|
What is the Monolith's ideology?:Defend the Monolith. They serve to protect the Sarcophagus and the C-Consciousness. They never surrender, are never captured, and are unwavering in their allegiance.
Why do you wish to join Monolith?: It looks like fun.
Why should Monolith choose you?: She has no physical disabilities and is accustomed to combat situations- or at least simulated ones.
How will you portray your Monolith Character?: She'll be mostly quiet, knowing no Ukrainian and very basic English. However, from her demeanor you can tell she enjoys playing the Zone's game. Her loyalty to the Monolith is unquestionable, as most Monolithians are. Even with the language barrier, the skills that the Monolith possess such as signaling and signing get the point across to her.
Define the Server's Portrayal of the Monolith, and Identify the Stalker Game this Portrayal stems from: Since Cheeki Breeki takes place after CoP, I'm guessing that the portrayal comes from that. The Monolith are, still, very much human. They feel pain and whatnot, but their loyalty to the Monolith comes first-and-foremost. Monolithians seem to have incredibly suppressed emotions such as fear or sadness. With the death of the C-Consciousness, the Monolith in the area act on their last orders, protecting the Holy Site.
Who is the Monolith Preacher?: Antithesis

|Other Information|
Define Metagaming: Using OOC knowledge ICly.
Define the Server's Approach to Permanent Kills on Characters: Suicide is a PK. Doing stupid shit or dying in a major event are grounds for a PK. Attacking major factions outside of an event is grounds for a PK. Dying on a job is a PK.
Will you be willing to subject yourself to an IC or OoC introduction to advanced combat protocol and roleplay conduct?: Yeah, sure.
Do you understand that S2K events will largely be the minority, if even done at all?: Yep.
Will you actively use the forums?: Whenever I can.

Backstory OR a Roleplay Scenario involving your Monolith Stalker defending a Holy Site from exploring Stalkers: ** The air is quiet, the soft crackling of a fire-pit is all that can be heard in the midst of the Holy Site. The smell of roasting meat emanates from the slowly-turning spit.

** 'Mochi' sits cross-legged at the edge of the fire, watching it rise and fall as fires do. She yawns and holds her hands out to take in the fire's warmth.

** The peaceful aura that circulates around the Monolith camp is soon broken by the sound of nearby gunfire and the collision of the slugs against the concrete slabs around the fire.

** 'Mochi' jumps, startled by the proximity of the gunshots, she rolls her self behind cover and gains her footing there. She unslings her rifle and readies it.

** The gunman ducks down for a moment to reload after unloading on the Monolith camp.

** 'Mochi' uses the reloading period to move to better cover, setting her sights on the gunman on the rooftop.

** Gunfire erupts in front of the barricade around the camp, Monolith guards exchange gunfire with a squad just outside the gates. The gunman on the roof finishes reloading and pops back up to lay down more suppressing fire.

** 'Mochi' fires off several rounds at the gunman on the roof as he reappears, trying to keep him suppressed.

** The gunman ducks back down as gunfire is laid on him, at the gate the Monolithians are fending off the squad of unknown gunmen.

** After a half-hour of prolonged gunfire, the air is silent again. The group at the gate is incapacitated and the rooftop gunman is in unknown condition.

** 'Mochi' and a fellow Acolyte move in on the building the man was sighting on. They move quickly up the stairs to the rooftop. Stopping at the door between them and the top of the building.

** 'Mochi' signs to the Acolyte, counting down before kicking the door open. In unison 'Mochi' and the Acolyte scan the rooftop in opposite directions, finding the gunman laying behind the ledge with a bullet wound in his shoulder.

** 'Mochi' walks over to the man and slings her rifle, simultaneously switching to her sidearm. She holds it out and fires a shot point-blank into the man's head.

*By submitting this application you agree with all standard server rules, and agree to a basic understanding of TextRP function. This ranges from abstaining all possible metagaming, godmodding, illegitimate software tampering, and knowledge of your own faction's rules. To ensure you've read this, place the word Alpha at the end of your Age in the In-Character Information section. By submitting this application for the Monolith, you hereby agree to all the rules stipulated by the Monolith Faction Rules. DO NOT DELETE THIS CLAUSE.
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PostSubject: Re: Noodle's Monolith App   Noodle's Monolith App EmptyWed Sep 24, 2014 7:00 pm

You did good, child. You did real good. I have no issue with enlisting an additional Monolithian Assault Stalker, and I have no problem with the name Mochi. Good enough selection if you were going to go with any Asiatic name.

Noodle's Monolith App CiHdBQO

Launcel Wurdenheim: Veteran Mercenary Stalker
Trader Ed: Otaku Loner Trader
Antithesis: Champion Preacher of the Monolith
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Noodle's Monolith App
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