A roleplaying narrative based on the STALKER universe.
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 Meatshield's Duty Application

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PostSubject: Meatshield's Duty Application   Meatshield's Duty Application EmptyTue Sep 23, 2014 10:31 pm

|In-Character Information|
Name: Anatoliy 'Mad Medic' Zelenko
Age: 26
Family Members: Artem [Brother]

    Anatoliy was born in Sevastopol, a city located in the Crimean Peninsula. He lived a rather plain lower-class life with his younger brother and mother until his graduation from secondary school. Lacking the money to attend college and become a doctor, Anatoliy instead joined the military and became a medic. After several years of service, Zelenko managed to work his way into the Ukrainian Spetsnaz. However, upon his unit's deployment into "the zone", he quickly came to regret his achievement.
    Anatoliy's squad was wiped out or scattered after a very short deployment, and Anatoliy was left to survive on his own. He quickly transitioned to the life of a STALKER, using his training and experience to keep himself alive. It wasn't long before he learned of a militant faction made up of soldiers and STALKERS like himself, trying to contain the dangers of the zone, and hastily decided join.

Specializations (if any): Healthcare Specialist / Combat Medic

|Faction Related Information|
What is Duty's ideology?: Duty is a wall between the zone and the outside world. They fight to keep the zone quarantined and to protect the world from the horrors within.

Why do you wish to join Duty?: Protecting others is my objective, my duty. They are like me, men trying to do their duty, and I need help.

Why should Duty pick you?: I have years of military training, experience in the zone, and I will do what is needed when it is needed, just give me an order.

Who is the Duty Leader?: Packles.

|Other Information|
Define Injury RP: Roleplaying injuries and wounds. Anything from groaning in pain, limping, etc. Example: /me collapses to the street with a scream as the round shattered his knee. He writhed on the ground, gripping his crippled leg and screaming, no longer paying attention to the fight raging around him.

Define Metagaming: Using information acquired OOC while IC. Acting on information your character wouldn't know/have.

Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): Name is pretty self explanatory. Killing/attacking someone for no reason whatsoever.

Will you take responsibility for your actions?: Yes.

Will you actively use the forums?: Yes, I do and will continue to.
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PostSubject: Re: Meatshield's Duty Application   Meatshield's Duty Application EmptyTue Sep 30, 2014 6:58 pm

I'll give you a shot.
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Meatshield's Duty Application
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