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 Phenix_360's Duty application

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PostSubject: Phenix_360's Duty application   Phenix_360's Duty application EmptyTue Sep 23, 2014 7:54 pm

Be sure to post apps in a separate topic.

|In-Character Information|
Name: Humphrey ‘Dragonfly’ McQuillen
Age: 32
Family Members: Mother [Alive] / Father [Alive] / Brother [Dead]

    Humphrey was an outcast in his early years in school. Most of the kids picked on him for his weight and he didn’t have much in the form of friends. When he reached high school his older brother who he always looked up to joined the British army. Humphrey always wanted to be like his brother so he started to run four miles a day, he would slowly and slowly begin to lose his weight until senior year when his life change forever. One day in class Humphrey was given news that his brother died in battle. Humphrey was devastated and suffered from depression, he continued to follow his brother’s path and soon enough Humphrey found himself in the army just like he wanted to. With his seemingly high accuracy he later became a sniper. Five years later and it seemed like Humphrey was a new man, war had changed him into a quiet person who has seen many of his friends fall to the enemy. After Humphrey had enough he returned to Great Britain.

    Life was not the same for him however, sleepless nights and a low paying job eventually got to him. Humphrey later joined Backwater in an attempt to make money. Another year later passed until he and his spotter (Who also became a good friend of his) where sent into Pripyat for a surprisingly high paying job. Once they arrived the horrors that haunt Humphrey to this day became a reality. It was a dark night and as Humphrey was setting up in one of the rooms of an apartment building he heard his partner scream out in pain. As he turned he came to find a blood sucker dragging his friend away into the dark hallways of what would become his tomb never to be seen again. Humphrey would then try and leave scared for his life. When he turned around he would be launched into the air three fresh scratch marks now over his face as a blood sucker would stand over him. A few moments later and the bloodsucker would begin to pick Humphrey up until five shots would ring out the blood sucker falling to the ground. As Humphrey would look up he would see a man in black with Duty tags offering his hand to help Humphrey up. A few days later and Humphrey would see himself as friends to a few of the Duty members. It was this day that he decided to join.
Specializations (if any): Sniper.

|Faction Related Information|
What is Duty's ideology?: Duty want to contain and destroy what is known as the zone, so the outside world is protected from its horrors.
Why do you wish to join Duty?: To protect the world from the mutants and artifacts that lie within the zone.
Why should Duty pick you?: I have witnessed the smudge on earth in which the call the zone and I want to protect the normal populace from the nightmares that haunt me to this day.
Who is the Duty Leader?: Packman

|Other Information|
Define Injury RP: Roleplaying an injury: /me would fall to the ground as he would look at his leg a hole would be present where a piece of his calf muscle used to be. He would scream in pain as he would try to move with no avail.
Define Metagaming: Using information one has received out of character and use it for an IC reason.
Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): Walking up to someone and killing them for no reason what so ever.
Will you take responsibility for your actions?: Yep.
Will you actively use the forums?: Sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Phenix_360's Duty application   Phenix_360's Duty application EmptyTue Sep 30, 2014 9:35 pm

I'll give ya a shot.
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Phenix_360's Duty application
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