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 Sir_Leaf's Tech App

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PostSubject: Sir_Leaf's Tech App   Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:39 pm

Steam Name: Sir_Leaf

Steam Page URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040297692

Steam #ID: STEAM_0:0:40015982

Character's Name: Jamie Krenkov

Character's Backstory:
(^Minimum of 1 Paragraph^)
Jamie grew up in Ukraine, she was born into a simple family, her mother a teacher and her father a mechanic. Jamie, her mother being away from the house most of the time, grew up around her father whose garage was the families home garage. She learned the ins and outs of cars and how they run, as well as how to improvise on how to fix things when lacking the necessary parts. By the age of 12 Jamie fixed up her first motorcycle and it became almost like a pet to her... a strange mechanical pet. She was proud of her Motorcycle, and she knew how to improvise whenever it needed to be fixed up. When she turned 17 everything went to shit. The Military set up shop in her town using it as an FOB. And at the age of 19 she used her motorcycle to rush past the line and raced towards the zone. The Military shot at her and her Motorcycle was wrecked beyond compare... running on foot Jamie met up with a small group of her fathers friends that promised her passage into the zone. A few hours later she had a backpack, warm clothes and a days worth of food... she was now a member of The Zone.

Character's Method of Supply:
(^Minimum of 1 Paragraph^)
Jamie, being the daughter of a mechanic still has ties to her father and his companions, as well as the ones that brought her into the zone. She manages to send messages to the border where those that took her in retrieve it and sends it to her father. Luckily, Jamie's father, despite Jamie's choices to leave, still loves her and sends her materials often. These materials allow Jamie to make ACOGs, foregrips, silencers, she even gets some actual stock from the outside world every now and then. Jamie sends her friend, 'Ace' to send the messages and retrieve the supplies. And the Trader, Joseph Patanger, cordinates with Jamie if he gets anything he doesn't sell.
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PostSubject: Re: Sir_Leaf's Tech App   Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:54 pm

I personally like this backstory, even though a motorcycle blaze of glory would likely have killed anyone - making this an epic feat. Even so, the backstory is not a strange one, and it makes the logical points it needs to, you were trained to be a technician, and came to the zone.

I would like to mention that manufacturing name brand parts would likely be more costly and hard to do than simply acting through new connections to get the parts directly: such as Acogs or AR500 plates. For the most part - however, seems to be very well thought out - and, a good application.

I give this my +1 stamp of goodness, if anyone has a different opinion - they can post it here. I'm not sure if my support alone approves your application - but, it does have my +1 stamp of goodness.


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Sir_Leaf's Tech App
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