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 Anton Vasilevs bio

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Name: Anton Vasilev
Faction: Loner

Age: 31
Height: 6'1
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Known Languages: Russian, English, German
Status: Alive

Mental Illnesses: PTSD, bipolar

Physical disabilities: None.

Hobbies: Hunting, exploring, and just chatting with new people.

Former Occupations: A sniper in the marines, rank was Sergeant. McDonalds manager

Motto: Crying won't get you anywhere. Doing shit will.

Story: Anton Vasilev is a 31 year old male from Russia. He lived in Russia with his family till he was 12, afterwards, his family moved to America where Anton struggled to fit in and learn English. He had little friends until age 15 where he could speak broke English, where he started to raise his grades. At age 17, Anton was able to speak perfect English and excelled in all of his classes. His father, being a former Russian soldier, was surprisingly lenient with Anton's and Markov's shenanigans. Anton had joined the United States Marine's at age 18 and he was made fun of for his Russian accent, being called a Communist throughout basic training. When the time came, Anton became fascinated with sniper rifles and had chosen that would be his specialty. He went through the hellish training with his spotter and had made it through easily. Later on in his career, Anton had watched his spotter die through his scope and swore revenge, but, his contract had expired. Anton was diagnosed with PTSD and the young man had horrible dreams where he twisted and turned in his bed at night, waking up in sweat and screaming at the top of his lungs as the demons crawled through his brain, destroying every bit of happiness he had for hours. This made the young marine afraid to return home, so, he decided he would head back to Russia where he heard from his old time friend about "The Zone" in Ukraine. Anton had become intrigued and did not hesitate to pack what he could up and sneak into there. On his way to the zone, he had encountered a Chimera where he hid in a small hole fore days, where the friend he traveled with was devoured in front of his. He laid next to the remains and the smell of rotten flesh and feces filled his nostrils for hours until the beast finally caught something else in sight and chased off. Anton seized his chance, he took off sprinting as soon as he could until he came across Loner Town where he started his career. Anton never learned of his mothers death as his family is clueless of his whereabouts.

Living: Markov (Brother), Sasha (Sister), Anton SR (Daddeh),
Deceased: Ida (Mother)

Love/Good Friend/Friend/Neutral/Disliked/Enemy

Nahuel: Some kid that I talk to. Seems cool and I bought him shit

Talia: Girl in my merc group. 10/10 would bang, jk. She seems alright.

Sophia: One of my best freinds in the zone. I saved her life and she took care of me while I was sick

Khan: Best friend I got so far. Spots for me and talks to me.

Markov: Literal brother. I despise his actions but he is very close to me

'Nebi': Was once in the love category but her absence has made Anton question his feelings

'Bones' My attack dog that I saved. Very loyal and I would save his ass over most people in a heartbeat.

'Ace': Cool guy. Former Green Beret so I've trusted him from the start

Colin: I'd count him as a friend. Saved his ass and he definitely offered something amazing in return.

'Juggs': He's cool but I haven't talked to him much

'Dusty': A man I would not want to upset. Although, he is cool.
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Anton Vasilevs bio
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