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 「Noodle's Application」

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PostSubject: 「Noodle's Application」   「Noodle's Application」 EmptySun Sep 14, 2014 7:27 pm

General Information
Steam Name: Noodle
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:47572772
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/usedtobeafairy/
Age: 16 doba-do
RP Experience: We're going way~ back to the mystical magical world of 2012 Aeria Roleplay, good times. There were a solid three people when I joined and it got new life then died again... and again. After that I wondered aimlessly through HL2RP for like a week then landed in another Tira2 roleplay about space pirates. Went back to Aeria after the revival. Then it died again. Followed the herd to Sex Panther some time later. Then through its various spirtual successors. Went back to Aeria for a little. Then it died again. Did another fantasy roleplay with some of the Aeria gang. More Sex Panther descendents and bippidity-boppity-boo we're here at Cheeki Breeki.
Administrative Experience:
I've been an operator on a few servers; other than that, none.

General Questions
What is the duty of an administrator?
To fix the problems that kids can't resolve themselves, regulate events, and generally look like I know what I'm doing.
Why would you make a good staff member on Cheeki Breeki Misery Roleplay?
I've got some ideas on events and I'm not opposed to ripping stalkers apart with my bare hands.
How long can you be on, weekdays and weekends?
On weekdays, a few hours maybe 5-10pm EST
Weekends are mostly open.
Are you able to maintain your maturity even in tense, frustrating situations?
Yeah, I think so. We'll have to see though ultimately, since there's not that much admin history for me.
Can you deal with multiple issues at once? Such as resolving player issues while setting up stashes and events to keep things busy and fun?
I'll try to handle things the best I can, worst comes to worst I can ask one of the other members of the admin team to help me out.

Examples and Scenarios
If you would like to be able to set up events and stashes, please provide an example of an event or stash below;
** The sound of a helicopter's rotors fill the area around the encampment as the aircraft passes over head, blotting out the sun for a split second before continuing on it's way.

** People watching the helicopter flying off into the distance will notice a small flame trailing perpendicular to it. When the two collide it's a mess of flames, metal, and pure fury. Now, in the few moments after the collision, Ukrainian Military are rushing to the scene and it's a matter of minutes before they arrive at the crash site.

** Upon arriving at the crash site, loners from the town stumble across a group of four to six bandits; one totes an RPG launcher. They seem to be picking over the remains of the carcass and the loners are left with a decision- let the bandits leave with military-grade loot or take on the bandits and try to strike it rich.

** Some of the loners decide to confront the bandits, resulting in a firefight over the remains of a military helicopter. Once the smoke clears, the loners emerge victorious after a couple casualties and begin to pick over the loot themselves.

** Each loner has the time to collect one piece of loot before the UKM are heard descending on the scene. Outmanned and outgunned, the loners retreat from the crash site to survive another day. (From a list of surviving workable loot with one military-grade weapon surviving the crash. First-come, first-served basis.)

Two players have got into an argument over a roleplay involving a small, isolated firefight. The two are at each other's throats over whose shots are going to land and whose are not. It is clear that one of them is powergaming, and probably in it for the scripts, yet he isn't the one who iniated the engagement. The better roleplayer is obviously on the 'mugging' side, and is trying to make things slightly fair, though shows just a teeny bit of powergaming as well. What do?
With the consent of the two players, request that they redo the fight or void it altogether. If they both decide to redo it, monitor the fight and decide which shots land and which shots don't and decide a victor in the end match.

**Claus; By sending in this application you acknowledge the fact that you may or may not be accepted, and that though we will provide valid reasons for your application's denial, arguing about why you were 'wrongfully denied' or anything of that sort will not help your next application get accepted anytime sooner. Oh, by the way, put doba-do next to your age to insure you read this.**
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「Noodle's Application」 3-way-golden-rule_o_GIFSoupcom
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「Noodle's Application」
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