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PostSubject: Sir_Leaf's Administration App   Sir_Leaf's Administration App EmptyThu Sep 11, 2014 5:08 pm

General Information
Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Steam Profile Link:

18 (Doba-do..... Doba-doooooooo!)

RP Experience:
7 years of RP experience and 3 with SeriousRoleplay

Administrative Experience:
I've been SA's on CW:MRP servers such as JOG, TAG, pIx and recently a HaloRP by TheGamz. As well as community owner for TCRP and SSRP. I currently still am the owner of SSRP Comunity but based TCRP onto a good friend of mine. All these communities were either ClockWork or Nutscript based and were SeriousRP.

General Questions
What is the duty of an administrator?
To make sure that everything is running smoothly as well as to make sure that everyone is following the rules, I.E. making sure no one exploits or power-games or meta's etc. The Admins are around to make sure that the player base is having fun.

Why would you make a good staff member on Cheeki Breeki Misery Roleplay?
I would make a good staff member for Cheeki Breeki Misery Roleplay because of my past Senior Level Staff experience, as well as new ideas to bring to the staff team. Not to mention I may be a senior in high school but I have a lot of free time on my hands. (Except when on the Ps4 playing Destiny. :p)

How long can you be on, weekdays and weekends?
Weekdays I can be on 1-2 hours minimum, 2-4 max.
Around 3-6 hours, can be more depending on if I work weekends or not.

Are you able to maintain your maturity even in tense, frustrating situations?
Yes I am. Although I may be frustrated, I understand that freaking out and acting like a child is no way to solve the issue.

Can you deal with multiple issues at once? Such as resolving player issues while setting up stashes and events to keep things busy and fun?
I most certainly can. My experience as SA's is an excellent example of this as well as my roles as Community Owners.

Examples and Scenarios
If you would like to be able to set up events and stashes, please provide an example of an event or stash below;
I would place either 1 stash or a small amount of stashes to the area, if more than one, they'd be on opposite area's of the map. They would also contain nothing of extreme value, perhaps most Passive Items.

The event would be announced via the /event command. And would role something like this,
**The area around the Zone starts to come to life almost, which is different from it's normal, dead, still atmosphere. If Stalkers are out in the open they can possibly see if not hear mutants... there seems to be a sudden increase of mutants in concentrated areas**
Therefore the stashes wouldn't be super easy to obtain.

Two players have got into an argument over a roleplay involving a small, isolated firefight. The two are at each other's throats over whose shots are going to land and whose are not. It is clear that one of them is powergaming, and probably in it for the scripts, yet he isn't the one who iniated the engagement. The better roleplayer is obviously on the 'mugging' side, and is trying to make things slightly fair, though shows just a teeny bit of powergaming as well. What do?
I would zip on over there and tell them both to calm down. Then ask for each of their opinions on what went on, one at a time to avoid confusing. Then, I'd explain that one of them is power-gaming and explain how and why. Then I'd address the other who is power-gaming just a tad and explain why and how. I would then tell them to carry on from the point of where I see best to re-start from, based off my assessment of where the power-gaming started and when it started to get bad. I would then stay nearby, either in No-clip if I had the ability or nearby OOC to observe the rest of the scene, speaking up if needed.

**Claus; By sending in this application you acknowledge the fact that you may or may not be accepted, and that though we will provide valid reasons for your application's denial, arguing about why you were 'wrongfully denied' or anything of that sort will not help your next application get accepted anytime sooner. Oh, by the way, put doba-do next to your age to insure you read this.**
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Sir_Leaf's Administration App
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