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 UKM General Information Thread

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PostSubject: UKM General Information Thread   Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:48 pm

Listen to this beast in 720p
"To serve and protect the Zone from you, not you from the Zone."

An Overview

Ukrainian Special Purpose Regiments, otherwise known as the Spetsnaz, or commonly referred to as 'The UKM' by Stalkers, are essentially elite troops that are deployed into The Zone in order to conduct rescue operations, surgical strikes, and other special assignments. They essentially do the grunt work for the Ukrainian Security Service (The USS). The Spetsnaz are pretty much of similar experience to the veteran and expert stalkers of the Zone. They're given special training to be able to operate functionally within the Zone, and know about it's dangers and what it has to offer. The UKM are feared by many stalkers, by the means of having superior combat training and military equipment, as well as numerical superiority as they tend to deploy in either squad or platoon-strength during conducted operations.

The Who

Military Stalkers

Military Stalkers can be either expert Stalkers that have been contracted by the Ukrainian Military and have received military training and equipment - or Ukrainian special forces who have specialized experience operating inside the Zone. They may or may not sport a rank attached to their names. These guys are essentially on-par with some of your most experienced Stalkers. For instance, on the server, a military stalker would be on-par with someone like Combo, or Zero.

The Spetsnaz

In the broadest sense "Spetsnaz" may refer to any military Special Forces units operating under the Ukrainian Government. Although most Spetsnaz operators come from the Ukrainian Military, there are Zone stalkers who are contracted by the military to serve as Military Stalkers. In a broad sense, the Spetsnaz units are essentially the grunts doing the things that the USS, or High-Command needs doing. They're mostly composed of veteran soldiers who've seen more than their fair share of action. Contrary to popular belief, just because these guys are considered the standard Ukrainian Military's footsoldiers in the Zone, does not mean they're a force to be reckoned with. We would like to ensure that everyone's well aware that the Spetsnaz are dangerous, they're not something to be fucked with in any way shape or form.


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UKM General Information Thread
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