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 Colin 'Pirate' Rossevelt

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Spicy Chicken Dip

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PostSubject: Colin 'Pirate' Rossevelt   Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:34 am

"Colin 'Pirate' Rossevelt"

"You fookin' what mate? 'Eh, you what? You what mate? Get the fok outta' 'ere before I fookin' blast ya' fookin' jacobs off."

"Heheh, oi mate, nice gun you got *Blat* Didn't do you any good did it, mate?"
Apeshit<███████|██████|██████>Clear as day.
"I'm fookin' fine, I'm off my meds, but that don' matter."

Age: 32
Hair color: Strawberry blonde.
Eye color: Grey blue.
Height: 5'11.
Mental disorders: Antisocial Personality Disorder. ADHD.
Place of birth: London, United Kingdom.
Physical disabilities: Down to one eye, so no peripheral vision and shit.
Sexual orientation: Anything on two legs.
Occupation: The Savior's enforcer and general loudmouther.
Status: Alive, though most wish he weren't.

Love/ a good fok'/ rudeboys/Bloody alright / who the fok' are ya'/I'll fookin' wreck ya' mate/ I'm bloody gougin' their eyes out wit' me thumbs.
Oswald:Fookin' cool as 'ell.
Anton Vasilev: Saved me bloody life, I'll be makin' sure the saviors are on 'is side.
Negan Blumberg: Fookin' crazy as hell,  fookin' glad he's on my side.
Dante : he's wit' the saviors, good enough for me.
Ronald Devito: Fatass lil midget's got our back.
'Hammer': Dumb as a brick wall, but as big an' strong as one too, he's basicly the fookin' mountain from Game a' thrones.
'Dune': Well, he helped me kill the bloody bastard who took me eye out, so that's pretty good.
'Raksho': I like ya' better 'as a christmas ornament to be honest mate, but you're the only one who fought the saviors like a man so I'll give you all of that.
Talia Timbers: She's dead apparently, guess it would have saved us the time I suppose. Rather something else got her than us, I don't know what me mates would'a done.
Calhoun Wolfe: Dead as fok mate, I swear on me gramma.

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Spicy Chicken Dip

Posts : 12
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PostSubject: Re: Colin 'Pirate' Rossevelt   Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:35 am

(will finish this when I get back home.)
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PostSubject: Re: Colin 'Pirate' Rossevelt   Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:00 pm

Calhoun Wolfe: Dead as fok mate, I swear on me gramma.

I'm fucking dying.

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PostSubject: Re: Colin 'Pirate' Rossevelt   

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Colin 'Pirate' Rossevelt
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