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 Vira Olena's Journal

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Vira Olena's Journal 2kYn0mlVira Olena's Journal CiWWTQe

Name: Vira Olena
Faction: Loners
Age: 25
Weight:: 135
Height: 5'5
Overall Disposition: (Primary personality) Serious, polite. (Secondary Personality) Upbeat, slightly moronic, lacks morals.
Hair Color: Light blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Blood Type: AB
Vision: 20/20
Status: Alive
Mental Illnesses: DID (Dissociative identity disorder)  
Physical Disabilities: None



'Jase'Status:Deceased This world just isn't the same now.
'Leshiy' Status:Unknown Thanks for putting up with me, and keeping your psycho girlfriend from murdering me.
Adam 'Sporadic' Dominika Status:Alive A good friend. Didn't kill me even after the other one tried to kidnap him.
'Eve' Kalashikov Status:Alive Not even sure what to think with you. One minute you want to kill me, next you want in my pants.
'Rain' Status:Unknown A weird merchant. Stay clear if he comes around.
Draco 'Inferno' Dracovich
Status:Deceased I hope you rot.

Relations are from a previous server. Provides context for some backstory events.

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Vira Olena's Journal
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