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 'The Sniper'

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"FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER!"Boomed the gunmens voice. Another shot of the males rifle went out. The man in the ghillie suit simply waited until a click was heard, before getting out of cover, and aiming his guns at where the mans firing at him, and sending a strong shot of .338 at it. He paused, charged the operating rod, and fired again. He charges the operating rod again, but this time, runs towards the school, slowly going inside, rifle raised. He aims around, this time slinging his rifle in whole, grabbing his M9 and kabar. He sets the kabar and his m9 over each arm, locking them in place. He flicks the flashlight on his 'martha' on. And, soon enough, his adversary comes running down the stairs, firing a single round into the ghillie-men's chest.
The Sniper grunted, clutching his bruised chest. Thankfully, his adversary was shooting FMJ rounds, and his ghillie's vest easily takes the bullet. He dodges to cover then as the adversary fires his whole clip into the cover, the ghillie doing just the same at his inquisitor. Soon, the gunfire stops, and they both are out of ammo. The Sniper plucked the bullet out, .45's. He stood out of cover, sliding his martha into his holster. He  comes face to face to his adversary, both of their knives out. It is obvious, though, the man has a much bigger knife- a bowie. The Sniper begins to slowly back away, but his adversary sprints towards him. After a few blinks of the Sniper, he soon faces the bowie inches away from his face, and swings his head around to avoid the blade. He moves his body weight around the male, slicing his enemies radial artery in the process. His adversary grunts loudly, clutching his arm. He then stands, switching his bowie to his other hand, and running towards the Sniper.
The Sniper gets his barings, before having bringing his hand up to the coming blade, blocking it with it. He lets out a wheeze of pain, before stabbing his knife into the male's sternum, and then another stab into his coronary artery. The man soon steps back, his knife coming out of the Snipers hand with unbearable pain as he falls backward, dead. The Sniper grunts, sitting down by the wall. He uses a medkit to patch his hand up. The wound gets cold, nearly breaking his endurance level. He wraps bandages around the room after pouring disinfectant on it, knowing it's all he can do. He stands, walking out of the school.

i was bored so i thought id write something lol
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'The Sniper'
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