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 Nebí Trader Application

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PostSubject: Nebí Trader Application   Nebí Trader Application EmptySun Aug 31, 2014 3:40 pm




------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nebi was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1989. Born to a rather wealthy family, Nebi spent her early life going to school like the other normal kids. While she had a very strong personality, she kept to the expectations of her parents and rode through life rather nicely until her mid teens.
While at the age of sixteen, Nebi experienced a terrible disaster that caused her to lose her mother. From the grief, Nebi’s life had started to quickly decline taking her behavior and state of mind with it. She got mixed in with a bad crowd and found herself a new member of the local gang: The Constrictors. Mainly assisting in smuggling runs, Nebi quickly gained the ranks and respect of her gang. In a couple years, she had used her bravery and vigour to overcome the life that had been given to her.
One day, a fellow member of the gang had told Nebi of a place that they’ve been unknowingly sending supplies to. a restricted Zone in the norther part of the country, said to be filled with wonders that could leave a man richer than they could even understand. It took almost no convincing before Nebi had decided to take up the name of “STALKER” and join the masses. Using her contacts in The Constrictors, Nebi got herself smuggled into the Zone along with a line to get some supplies in every now and again.

From the connections in her old gang, Nebi is able to get shipments of basic gear from southern Ukraine, she was very high in the ranks of the constrictors.

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PostSubject: Re: Nebí Trader Application   Nebí Trader Application EmptySun Aug 31, 2014 4:54 pm

I would personally like to wait a number of days before bestowing Trader Flags while the server is still getting its legs on the ground. I would also like to see more instruction material on different aspects of being a Trader, such as establishing prices, possible ramifications for prices, and the like.

This is not to punish the page, or this player, who has put the time and effort forth to make this page. If this adheres to the standards of the Trader Application format, and provides the minimum requirements for satisfying  the application requirements.

While I always like seeing people go above and beyond, this doesn't seem to be out of order in any way - aside from a slightly obstructed formatting style.

I would like a period of at least three days in which to let the server gain its bearings before enacting a final decision, however - I have no issues with this page at present for a Tier One Trader.
And of course, I need other staff to deliver their input to this topic as well. It is not solely up to me.

Nebí Trader Application CiHdBQO

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Nebí Trader Application
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