A roleplaying narrative based on the STALKER universe.
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 Karim Said

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Spicy Chicken Dip

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Looks and voice:

"And chicken and biscuits an' gravy..."


"Yeah, I did some bad shit, but good shit came from it, I don' regret a thing man.
: Nigga be cray cray<███████|██████|██████>Nigga not be cray cray.
"Shit man, you gotta be a lil' crazy to be in here, you feel me?

Motto: "Listen man, shit gets real sometimes, you jus' gotta get your shit done an' move on with it, that's what we all did."

Name: Karim Said
Age: 29
height: 5'8
Weight: "Nigga look at me,heheheh, I'm a fatass, you ain' need a scale to see that,haha!"
Personality/overall disposition: Friendly, jovial, doesn't take any thing seriously, however, he is much smarter than he lets on.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Hazel
Mental Illnesses:"None baby! I am as clear as the sky- wait a minute, the sky's fuckin' cloudy all the time in the zone, damn man..."
Physical disabilities: He's a fata- "Bitch I ain't disabled! I can keep up wit any stalker... jus' wait here man, these fuckin' stairs is killin' me."
Hobbies: Eating, chatting with friends, cracking jokes at people, working in Vinny's bar, eating...
Former Occupation: Was a tour guide in the jaws boat tour in Universal Studios Florida before it got replaced.

Love/Real niggas/close friends/ aquiantences/ neutral/ don' care for that nigga/don't like that nigga/REALLY don' like that nigga.
Karim Said: How can a nigga not like me?
Combo: Nigga saved my life man, I owe him big time.
Vinny: Nigga's the best trader in the zone, and one of my closest friends, he's also a boss ass cook too, heheh.
Dayvon "Wise guy" Montaya: Fuck man, I knew this nigga since I was a lil' nigga.
Tommy 'Oswald' Armondo: Nigga's pretty chill, but, he gives me the creeps sometimes.
Nikodim 'Cage' Petrov: Would you niggas believe me I found russian Nick Cage in the zone?
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Karim Said
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