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 Negan Blumberg

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marky mark

marky mark

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PostSubject: Negan Blumberg   Negan Blumberg EmptySat Aug 30, 2014 2:46 am

Negan Blumberg 20131008-negan-x500-1381267080
"Look at me...I'm as fuckless as a fuckless fuck on fuck fuckin' freeday."

Morale Shit
"I ain't too fuckin' sadistic. Sure, sure...maybe a /few/ guys had their craniums' smashed by my bat, which just so happens to be covered carefully with barb wire, but that's just a few."
Sanity Shit
Belongs in a dead nigger storage<███████|██████|██████>Doesn't belong in a dead nigger storage
"Do I need to go to a dead nigger storage? Only Quentin Tarantino can answer that."

Motto:"If you find a job that you enjoy, you won't work a day in your life."

Height: 6'3". Yeah, I'm fuckin' tall and shit.

Age: Thirty Seven.

Color o' hair: Brown.
Mental Disorders: I'm autistic. No, really. I have borderline autism. Also some other shit, anger issues, tourettes, PTSD maybe?

Catch Phrase:"Alright, why don't you just take a step back...and literally FUCK YOUR FACE. Otherwise, I'll have to rain a FUCKIN' firestorm on you. You're gonna have to call the FUCKING united nations to find a BINDING FUCKING resolution to keep me from mother fucking massacre you. I'm talking about SCORCHED EARTH, mother fucker. I will fuckin' MURDER YOU. I WILL FUCK YOU UP."

Love/Brothers/Koolaid/Eeeh/Fuck your own face dude

Lucille: My bat, my protector. You may say she's a inconsequential piece of wood, but she's saved my life more times then I count. Truth is, Lucille's a bitch. But she's /my/ bitch.

Negan: Better then porn.

Colin: He's a fucking cool guy. Even though his accent is annoying as shit he's still a close friend.

Oswald: Another cool fucking guy. Me and him go way fucking back, he's also got a kick ass gun.

Alison Wash-a-go-go: She's a fucking idiot. I don't genuinely hate all Freedomers, but this bitch makes my blood boil. She's a fucking dyke or some shit and has the flattest tits, and doesn't even abide by her factions beliefs. Pompous piece of fucking work.

'Zero, Zee': He was a cool dude. But y'know, it was fucking dickish to throw us out of town, but I blame most of that shit on that prick Dusty.

Anton: A fucking nice guy. We may of started a bit shit, but us and him are pretty cool. Sad he isn't around as much anymore.

Ron, Hammer, Dune, the rest...: We're a fucking team.

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I love you.
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Negan Blumberg
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