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 Leaf's ComicSeries

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PostSubject: Leaf's ComicSeries   Leaf's ComicSeries EmptyWed Oct 15, 2014 1:12 pm

Sup guys.
So, I play a type of forum RP on Facepunch.com called Espionage Wars.
Currently we're in the 4th version of it.

You pose in Gmod and post what your factions doing, and recently I've started turning mine into a comic.
So, just felt like posting here. :3
Just a little sneak peak of stuff.
Now you're not gunna understand the plot, you'll have to catch up with Espionage Wars v3-4 at least if you wanna figure it out.

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Leaf's ComicSeries BmxAGkPl
Leaf's ComicSeries X8PRfwwl
Leaf's ComicSeries JkTsLtNl
Leaf's ComicSeries 9slGQ2nl
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Leaf's ComicSeries
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