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 Cpt. 'Bubbles' |Duty Lead|

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PostSubject: Cpt. 'Bubbles' |Duty Lead|   Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:49 pm

Cpt. 'Bubbles'

Name: Unkown Currently
NickName: Bubbles
Age: Unknown
Height: 6 Foot 2 Inches | With Exo 6 Foot 6 Inches
Hair: Bright Blonde, Spiked Upwards
Eyes: Green
Build: Large Build, Very Muscular, even without his Exo, he has no problem carrying a ChainGun.

Faction: Duty
Mental disabilities: Clinically Insane
Physical disabilities: None
Known languages: English.
Hobbies: Yelling at his troops, reading Shakespear.
Former Occupations: Professor At BuckingHam University, London | Weapons Specialist while serving the S.A.S.

Captain Bubbles was born in London, In the United Kingdom. Bubbles lived in London his whole life. Growing up here he wanted nothing else than to stay and give back to the people who made his child-hood what it was. So Bubbles attended Buckingham University and then two years later, started teaching at Buckingham University. Bubbles was a History Professor, he had majors in World, American, and British History. Bubbles professed for three years until word of The Zone reached his ears. Bubbles immediately enlisted in the S.A.S, hearing from a friend already in it that they'd be running covert ops near The Zone to assess the situation themselves.
Two years later, Bubbles was finally near The Zone with his S.A.S fireteam. They ventured to close however and were attacked by UKM soldiers on the border. Bubbles and another soldier, Kate Scarlet, were seperated from their fireteam and had no choice but to flee into The Zone.
A year later Bubbles arrived before Duty's FOB in Rostock and enlisted. The medical officer listed him as Clinically Insane, but Captain 'Jinx' could not ignore his abilities as EX-S.A.S, and let him serve anyway.
Bubbles is now the current CO at Rostock Duty Base.
And whatever happened to Bubbles and Kate Scarlet, wherever she may be, during the year before he Enlisted in Duty, is just as lost as Bubbles mind.

[More To Be Written as events un-fold.]


Relationships: | Love | Good friend | Friend | Neutral | Dislike | Enemy |
'Memory': Old Friend from London.
'Matches': One of his Soldat's, respects her love for fire.
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marky mark


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PostSubject: Re: Cpt. 'Bubbles' |Duty Lead|   Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:24 pm

the fuck? a chain gun? i dont know how i feel about that.
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PostSubject: Re: Cpt. 'Bubbles' |Duty Lead|   Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:40 pm

Naw no worries.
Just for looks and passive.
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PostSubject: Re: Cpt. 'Bubbles' |Duty Lead|   

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Cpt. 'Bubbles' |Duty Lead|
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