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 Amber 'Matches' Lanier

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Name: Amber Phidell Lanier
Faction: Duty
Age: 27
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Messy, Jet Black
Eyes: Average Green Eyes
Status: Alive
Known Languages: Ukranian and English
Physical Disabilities: Partially Deaf In Right Ear.
Hobbies: Making & Setting off Fireworks, Burning images into wood slabs, and Tinkering with mechanical devices.
Former Occupations: Illegal Fireworks maker / distributor. Demolition woman in training.

Motto: "Ashes to Ashes, we all fall down."

Back Story: Amber was born in Southern England about two years after her sister Lily. Ever since she was a child, Amber loved pretty, sparkly things. The one thing she loved most of all were fireworks. The colours they made as they exploded entranced her. When she was sixteen, she got her hands on some homemade fireworks from a few of her more scientifically gifted friends from school. The next night Amber lit up her back yard with the damn things. The damage they caused was minimal, but enough to get Amber and her family in a bit of trouble. Her parents forbade her from touching a set of fireworks ever again. Instead of listening however, Amber went to her friend in order to learn how to make them herself. Learning how to make them entertained her for a little while, but eventually it grew stale. It just wasn't the same as when she lit up her back yard. There was... something missing. When the young girl, now 19, learned about demolition she was ecstatic. She went into training as soon as she could. Sadly, the men above her did not approve of such a young girl working for them in such a destructive department. They put as many obsticals as they could in her way to stop her from getting her license. Getting frustrated with the bullshit she had to put up with, the woman left a year later. The only place left to go for her seemed to be the army. So, she enlisted. She would be with them until she was about 25. She didn't like the cause she was fighting for and ended up leaving. Abandoning her country wasn't exactly something that made her the most loved person. In fear, Amber fled to the only place she knew they couldn't touch her... The Zone. How she joined up with duty is a whole long story within itself. She'll never tell ya. She'll just point at her burn scars and wink.

Family: A small family back in Southern England.

Relationships: | Love | Respect | Good Friend | Friend | Neutral | Dislike | Enemy | Target |

Captain Sgt. Bubbles: Her current Commanding officer. Often refers to her as Sweetass, which doesn't bother her in the slightest. She has a sweet ass? Fuck yeah! Ten points to Gryffindor!
'Mad Medic': Disrespectful Ex-Duty Medic.
Humphrey: Her NCO. Likes to pick on him.

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It had to be done.
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Amber 'Matches' Lanier
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