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 'Ashes' (Sir_Leaf)

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'Ashes' (Sir_Leaf) GkwgJlwl
'Ashes' (Sir_Leaf) QxpUct8l
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Name: Unkown Currently
NickName: Ashes
Age: Unknown
Height: 6 Foot 4 Inches
Hair: Black, waved to the right, almost like Elvis.
Eyes: Blue
Build: Slim, Medium Build.

Faction: Loner
Mental disabilities: None
Physical disabilities: None
Known languages: English, and French.
Hobbies: Running and Working-Out
Former Occupations: Medic in U.S. Army Infantry.
Motto: "I've been through worse."

Ashes is American, coming from Queens New York. He's headstrong and a bit of an asshole. He has a way to do things and thinks that everyone should do them his way because he thinks his way is better.
Ashes came to the zone merely out of interest and excitement. His brother went there, so he decided he'd follow. Little did he know that Zito, his brother, was dead, as well as his Sister-In-Law.
Ashes, upon entering the zone, met up with a young girl named Valentine, from Italy. Ashes led her safely into the Zone, and learned she was killed by bloodsuckers later.
Ashes is a mysterious Stalker. He appears to have quiet a knowledge of what is going on in the zone. Ashes currently is hunting a woman named Zelda. She has a large bounty on her head and has evaded Ashes for over a year now.
Ashes is also trying to hunt artifacts and destroy them, finding their powers un-natural.
Ashes also met a woman named 'WhiteKnight' Her name was Trinity. She was a member of Fortius Ferrum, and although their time was short, with the Ferrum leaving the Zone as a whole, he enjoyed Trinity's company immensely.
[More To Be Written as events un-fold.]


Relationships: | Love | Good friend | Friend | Neutral | Dislike | Enemy |
Harold: Friend, saved him twice now.
Vlad: Doesn't really know him, spoke with him.
Trinity: Closest thing to a relationship he's ever had, even if it was a one night stand.
'Zito': His brother. [Dead]
'Sparrow': Sister In-Law [Dead]
'Zelda': Enemy. Has been hunting her for almost a year. [Dead]
'Valentine': Lead her into the Zone [Dead]
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'Ashes' (Sir_Leaf)
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