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 'Fawkes' Freedom Application.

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'Fawkes' Freedom Application. Empty
PostSubject: 'Fawkes' Freedom Application.   'Fawkes' Freedom Application. EmptySun Oct 12, 2014 1:55 am


|In-Character Information|
Name: Forename Luther, surname Ahzruhkal. Or, Fawkes.
Age: Twenty six, as of currently.
Family Members: My dad I heard died what, eight months' ago? He had lupus, and I guess it got up to him. My mom is still alive. And uh...that's pretty much it. Yeah.
Backstory: I was born in nineteen eighty eight, Colombia. I lived with my dad and mom, obviously. In my early years- when I was like four or so, we moved to Ohio. It was a traumatic change, I think, but I don't really remember much. I got friends, played soccer, did ROTC for a year then graduated. At this point, I certainly changed my mind about the military. It took too long to get into it- the paper work, such as, that it just drew me out of it- believe it or not. So, I did lesser ventures, I guess? I began doing computer-phone work at this one place...Bert 'n Niel. For a while I worked there, then realized it was boring as shit. The Zone came up, didn't really interest me- until, well, as said before, my dad got a chronic disease- lupus. He was /wiped/. The bills fuckin' sky rocketed for his medicine-Corticosteroids, Tylenol, Immunosuppressives, that stuff. I heard more shit about the Zone, and- spoiler- I booked a plane to Ukraine. I did odd jobs in Kiev, simple dust this- dust that's. I soon saved up enough to buy a small, stashable snub nose and a gasmask. I brung a few ruble notes and some left over ruble coins and we headed on our venture to the Zone. I began doing odd jobs, getting experienced, learning out to bore a scope, clean a rifle, get myself some money. Later, I heard pripyat, etc etc, then I hitched my damn ass in there. Lost my suit, and my rifle mostly by bandits. That fucking Garik...And here I am. Anything else?
Specializations (if any): Mostly SMG's, pistols. Can make you one hell of a grilled cheese.

|Faction Related Information|
What is Freedom's ideology?: In my opinion? I think it's what America wants to be. Citizens in America, you know what they think? They think they live in a democracy, when really they're in a corrupted republic full of idiots. Freedom has its down sides and good sides, I can say that, but it's better then most. If you do employ me, and a stalker runs up to me- spouting random nonsense- Freedom's bad- Duty always! I'd respect his opinion, even if he's an obnoxious douche. If you treat me right, I'll treat you right. That's what I love about Freedom- you can say what you want most of the time. Some call us anarchists', which is implying alot but I can agree. We want to do whatever we want, no laws to bound us back. It's not like Freedom wants to simply excuse murder, or other things. It's just that they want people to do what they want, albeit fetish to inhaling a pound of bud.
Why do you wish to join Freedom?: What, would you rather me be in another faction? It took me a while to think about this, yeah. It took a while because I don't know what to expect. So I said hell with it and came here. I want to atleast have a little bit of comfort room with what I do, and when need to I'll do what needs to be done. With Duty, that's not the case. You're either patrolling, training, or chilling in your base. Not trying to entirely hate Duty, they have their own ideals, and we simply disagree so we resort to violence. That's just how it is, and I'll respect our enemy.
Why should Freedom pick you?: I may just be a faithful old STALKER...or I could be a benefit. There's not many Freedomers or Dutyers around, and I want to atleast be a slight help. It's not a factor just for gear, I can easily gather materials and weapons on my own, but it's more as to get the ideals and learn from them. Pick me, I may learn. Don't, and, well...curiosity killed the cat.
Who is the Freedom Leader?: Ah, some guy- Spooks. Kooky Spooks, yeah. I met 'im back at Garbage. Stand up guy, probably doesn't remember me.

|Other Information|
Define Injury RP: Injury RP, my favorite! In this type of action you're either recovering, in pain, or treating a wound. Here's an example:
**John Doe aims and presses onto the trigger of his automatic rifle, firing a dose of rounds at his adversary.
**John Moe is shot twice, in his side and his shoulder. He lets out a muffled scream underneath his balaclava and comes crashing down, letting out a few coughs, before falling limp, passed out from bloodloss.
As you can see, Doe shot Moe and Moe fell unconcious. He reacted to the bullets hitting him, and push came to shove. Here's an example on how NOT to injury RP.
**John Doe fired a gauge of rounds from his Chaser 13 at the man, being point blank he'd have an advantage.
**John Moe is shot at point blank by the Chaser 13, and begins to tap dance away like nothing happened.
As you can see, he just straight up tap danced away. Don't ever tap dance away from injury RP.
Define Metagaming: Using OOC information IC, or IC information OOC. Here's an example:
**Marky Mark [OOC] Lol guys we hung that faggot up on his asshole!
**Nazzers "Hey you guys Marky Mark just hung a guy on his asshole!"
As you can see, Nazzers was a bad boy and used OOC information IC! Ah, that rascal!
Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): Something everyone loves to do! Basically, this's killing someone without approval or without RP at all. Basically, going on a massacre.
**Marky Mark like the devil he is runs around with a fort 12 and begins shooting everybody and taking their guns
**The Duatin looks down from the heavens and begins throwing lightning bolts with the word 'BANNED' encrypted on the side.
Will you take responsibility for your actions?: Of course. Bad things happen in everyones life. You shoot a guy and he had a brother- or, you accidently exited out on robot unicorn attack and had over a 100k score!
Will you actively use the forums?: I've posted over two dozen topics and biography's. I'm not the best forum maker, but yes I'll be active. My recent lack of activity is mostly from school and other servers. I hope to play on the server more often now.
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'Fawkes' Freedom Application.
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