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Freedom General Information Freedom__s_t_a_l_k_e_r_by_shdowzombie-d3tsznb

Freedom (Свобода) are anarchists and daredevils who declare themselves to be fighting for free access to the Zone and consequently find themselves in constant conflict with army units, military stalkers, and Duty. Freedom is a clan of stalkers who fight for free access to the Zone, and their views are somewhat communistic, believing in collective ownership of the zone and seeing it both as a scientific marvel and as a free life inside the zones borders. Because of their ideals they constantly find themselves in conflict with the Military and their long time nemesis, Duty. They view Duty as no more than a clan of jarheads who see nothing, hear nothing, and only know how to pull a trigger, as instead of finding a way to co-exist with the Zone, they attempt to destroy it, whereby the Zone retaliates with mutant attacks, anomalies, radiation hazards and blowouts. Similar in size and manpower to Duty, they have the offensive strength but medium and at times low resources to wage a faction war against Duty.

In contrast to the regimented, highly disciplined atmosphere of Duty, the members of Freedom have a much more relaxed, informal attitude. They appear to have a more casual command structure, often referring to each other as "bro", with a number of members shown making regular recreational use of alcohol and marijuana. This further reflects their status as a clan of like-minded free spirits, unlike the ex-military soldiers of Duty. Regardlessly, Freedom members are able to function very effectively as an organized fighting force when necessary.


Freedom was founded in 2011 by a group of stalkers intent on researching and making the Zone open to the public. The appeal of making the Zone open to the public quickly garnered the attention of anarchists, sneaks, and daredevils, thus making the ranks of Freedom swell. Freedom was based in the Dark Valley until bandits were able to drive them out and force them to relocate to the Army Warehouses during the events of Clear Sky. During the events of Shadow of Chernobyl, Freedom brokered peace between Duty and their faction so that they may focus on maintaining the Barrier and keeping Monolith factioneers out. After the events of S.O.C, Freedom sent a detachment to Pripyat, but encountered a similar detachment from Duty and a major battle ensued. Afterwards, another detachment was sent out to secure new territories in the North.

Organization and Social Structure

Freedom is very much a decentralized command structure. Out in the fields and on missions, Freedomers will follow their leaders out of respect for them, but outside of the field many Freedomers are allowed to do what they want. Under the leadership of Jordan (which is me), Freedomers will be allowed to do what they want outside of combat situations, but they will follow a strict set of rules to maintain professionalism. A major thing to remember is not all of Freedomers are Jamaican pot-heads who do nothing but smoke the best kush in the Zone and sell drugs. Freedomers are allowed to smoke a little off duty, but there will not be any sort of walking into battle high, or you being so fucking blazed that you don't know what a double rainbow is. I expect everybody to treat the faction seriously and to expect a rag-tag bunch of guerrilla fighters who are getting ready to fight. You are not fourteen year old urban youths who "sm0ke w33d erryday", you're S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs fighting to free the Zone. Act maturely.
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Freedom General Information
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