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 Arkady 'Povar' Belyakov's Freedom Application

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Arkady 'Povar' Belyakov's Freedom Application Empty
PostSubject: Arkady 'Povar' Belyakov's Freedom Application   Arkady 'Povar' Belyakov's Freedom Application EmptyWed Oct 08, 2014 12:32 am

|In-Character Information|

Name: Arkady 'Povar' Belyakov

Age: 24

Family Members: Anatoliy Belyakov (Father), Sofia Belyakov (Mother), Ivan Belyakov (Older Brother)

Backstory: I was born in Kazan, Russia. I didn't like it there that much. We were basically the only ethnically Slavic people there. It used to be the Tatar capital, after all. The other children were crude and did not like to play games with someone such as me. Well, I was happy with my family, at least. My father was a police officer, and my mother was a cook for one of those fancy restaurants. I suppose I got the best of those worlds, as our family had special privileges with firearms. Our whole family got along well. Well, that was until the new Chief of Police came. He was one helluva sadist, and when there weren't any thugs to beat down, he always turned his attention to the meeker folks. He was especially cruel towards our family. He made advances on my mother and often forced my father into late night patrols around the worst parts of town (a fact that contributed to the graying of his hair). After finishing my second year at the local university, I realized that it would be for the better of the entire city if he was gotten rid of. So, I plotted to take care of that and run from the law to, of course, the Zone. After joining some other colleagues who had similar plans, I saved up enough rubles and stole some family weapons. One fine autumn evening, the sadistic chief was invited to dinner at our house. It was my turn to cook, so, of course, I poisoned that bastard's food! Hah! I still remember the look on that bastard's face. After he had started to succumb to the toxins, I fled the house under the pretense of going out to find help. Now on the run from the law, I met up with my fellow rookies. That was what, three years ago? I'm still alive, so I guess that my mistress, the Zone, likes me enough. Where better can I repay her than in Freedom?

Specializations (if any): I'm a pretty good cook. In my opinion, at least. I can also hold my own in a firefight.

|Faction Related Information|

What is Freedom's ideology?: Freedom's ideology is basically the polar opposite of Duty's, promoting the free use and preservation of the Zone by all, and to destroy those who would fight such things.

Why do you wish to join Freedom?: I wish to join Freedom to protect the Zone! It's my bloody home, after all. The Zone a special place, where the outcasts and misfits of society can cast away their past in order to start anew! Where the hell else can you do that? Certainly not with those stuck-up Duty pricks...

Why should Freedom pick you?: Well, I can keep the soldiers fed. That's pretty important. Oh yeah! I can shoot pretty well, too! At least, that's what Dad told me.

Who is the Freedom Leader?: It's that dude who they call, "Spooky!" Duh!

|Other Information|

Define Injury RP: Simply put, RPing an injury. For example, if one is shot, stabbed, or thrown off a roof, then they need to factor that into their character. Your serious nerve damage and broken leg don't heal the next day.

Define Metagaming: Taking information OOcly and applying it ICly, usually for the benefit of your own benefit in a situation. For example, if one heard that there would be a wounded STALKER coming down a path in the OOC chat, then he would station himself by there in the nick of time to rob the STALKER when he otherwise would not even be in the area.

Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): The act of killing others without any cause, typically done to annoy users. For example, say xXxI<3GibusxXX logged onto the server and made a character named Pewdiepie. He then went over to the trader's, screwed up an IC transaction for some big firearm, and then used it to kill spawning characters randomly.

Will you take responsibility for your actions?: I'm perfectly fine with admitting when I've screwed up.

Will you actively use the forums?: Whenever the situation permits. Which will be often.
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Arkady 'Povar' Belyakov's Freedom Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Arkady 'Povar' Belyakov's Freedom Application   Arkady 'Povar' Belyakov's Freedom Application EmptyThu Oct 09, 2014 9:32 pm

+1. FeelsGood is a good RPer, and he is active. I would like to see him in Freedom.
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Arkady 'Povar' Belyakov's Freedom Application
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