A roleplaying narrative based on the STALKER universe.
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 Storm's Duty App.

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PostSubject: Storm's Duty App.   Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:00 pm

|In-Character Information|
Name: Ace 'Shadow' Parker
Age: 22
Family Members: Megan Parker George Parker
Backstory: Ace was born in September 16, 1992, in a small town in Indiana. Much of  his life was very crappy, as being arab got lots of insults and hate. However, nobody was ever able to physically hurt Parker, as he was very fast and strong. When he was 13, everything changed. This one kid, named Khara(shithead in arabic) tried testing Parker, but ended up having his nose broken. He was never again touched.
(Fast foward to like 7 years)
Parker joins the Marines, passing the boot camp with flying colors(even though he was bombarded by terrorist and faggot insults), and is easily sent to the 2nd Batallion 2nd Marines, and was sent to Afghanistan. The day after he landed, he was sent on a patrol around a small village called ibnil-harram(atcully means son of a prositute, but im lazy to find a real place in Afghanistan), and is instantly surprise attacked by a few taliban troops. His friend, Joe, instantly gets killed, but he was able to man the machine gun, killing three of them, covering the reset of his squad as the pile in, one of them driving them off. He gets back to base, only to win a few medals, and continues his tour for a few years.
(fast foward a few more years)
Parker,working as a computer programer,  hears about the Zone, and decided that his life is way to boring, so he decided to go explore it. However, things went terribly wrong. When he entered, A psduegiant attacked. It smashed Parker right into the ground,yelling(LEROOOOOOOY JENKEEEEEEEENS!)(void). It stood above him, ready to go for the kill, but suddenly, gunshots ring out. IT seemed to be a ak47 and dragonov shot, but the Psduegiant roared and ran off, charging at some figures that Parker could not see. One minute later, the giant was dead. Parker, assuming that this was the end, as he was gang banged, but that was not the case. Turns out, he was saved by a Duty patrol, and was instantly sent to their infirmary, all while hearing the danger and risks of the Zone. Parker realized that all he heard was a lie. He decided to join Duty, hence starting the legacy of Parker.
Specializations (if any): Parker is very fast and strong, but can be very stealthy if needed. As a ex-military soldier, he has lots of experience with meduim range, and has lots of experience with shotguns. He can be used as a infiltrator and a pointman.

|Faction Related Information|
What is Duty's ideology?:  Duty believes that the Zone should be completly shut down, closed, and destroyed for the protection  of others, as Bloodsuckers and mutants are a threat to everyone in the area, and if they were to spread, it would be a huge problem.
Why do you wish to join Duty?: I want to join Duty becuase I believe that the zone should be removed for the protection of everyone else, no matter what, as if those mutants escape the Zone, it would be a catosphere for Ukraine, Russia, etc.
Why should Duty pick you?: that's about it.
Duty should pick me becuase Duty needs a loyal soldier who will fight to the death for their cuase. This lets Parker be the perfect man for front lines, as he also has experience in the US military.
Who is the Duty Leader?:  Sir-Leaf is the Duty Leader.

|Other Information|
Define Injury RP:  Injury role play is to role play being hurt in any part of the body, both external and internal.
"Parker looks down on his left leg, and suddenly yells at the top of his lungs, falling down, as intense pain suddenly seeps into his entire leg, his eyes going red. He falls down, whimpering, and he pulls out a medkit, gritting his teeth. He takes a surgical knife, and starts to slowly put it into his left leg, gritting and whimpering, attempting to remove the bullet."
Define Metagaming: TO metagame is to give external information to others and impose them.
*bandit hides in corner*
*Khan gets shot by bandit*
*Abas throws a grenade at the corner, waits 6 seconds, then kills the Bandit, knowing the exact location of the bandit.
Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): Random Deathmatch is trying to kill other people for no legit reason at all.
Will you take responsibility for your actions?:  Yes, I will. If I lose my character becuase of my idiocity or event, I will take responsibility about it. I will take responsibility of any dumb ass shit I do.
Will you actively use the forums?: I guess..... just don't expect me to do a Bio.

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PostSubject: Re: Storm's Duty App.   Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:23 pm

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Storm's Duty App.
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