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 Duty Patrol - After Action Report - 9/30/14

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Duty Patrol - After Action Report - 9/30/14 Empty
PostSubject: Duty Patrol - After Action Report - 9/30/14   Duty Patrol - After Action Report - 9/30/14 EmptyWed Oct 01, 2014 10:24 am

Submitted by: Healthcare Specialist Recruit Anatoliy Zelenko

Operation Time: 1600 Hours

Operation Objectives: Unknown.

Operation Summary:
    Myself and two other Duty members, a sergeant and designated marksmen, were deployed at 1600 Hours to carry out an unknown objective in an unknown location. The fire team's leader lead us into a Freedom ambush, and upon taking contact, panicked and ordered the fire team to flee into a nearby tunnel system. We did so, moving under heavy enemy fire towards apparent safety in the tunnels.
    While moving through the tunnels, we were engaged by a bloodsucker and pseudogiant. The sergeant again panicked, leaving us to fight while he fled. In the resulting combat, my weapon was destroyed and the rest of the fire team was killed in action. I escaped from the creatures using my combat knife, and with no living comrades, I fled. However, I was captured by Freedom soldiers shortly after.

Operation Outcome:
    Two Duty members killed in action. One, myself, taken into Freedom custody as a prisoner of war. The objective, unless it was to sacrifice a fireteam, was failed.

    The operation was compromised from the beginning due to a lack of intelligence. We were given no briefing as to the objective of our patrol, the area we would be patrolling, or any potentially hostile force we would be engaging. We were not informed of the rules of engagement for the operation, and this, coupled with the lack of intelligence, severely hindered the fire team’s combat effectiveness.

    In addition to the lack of intelligence, poor leadership and ineffective standard operating procedures also lead to the failure of the operation and loss of Duty lives. The fire team leader was incompetent. He lead his men into an ambush, and rather than react in a quick and intelligent manner, panicked and lead us into an even deadlier ambush. It is because of this I am writing this report, not him. Those put in a position of leadership should be capable of leading, and this sergeant clearly was not.
  The final recommendation I have in regards to standard operating procedures is regarding weapons issued to designated marksmen. Our fire team marksman was issued a Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifle. After the events in the tunnels, I have concluded the weapon is ineffective and should be relegated to a purely sniper role. Fire team and squad marksmen are expected to act as a rifleman in CQC, and the Mosin hampers their ability to do so. The marksman was unable to combat the mutants in the tunnels with such a long bolt-action weapon, which prevented him from assisting his team. I recommend marksmen be issued more intermediate rifles, such as a Kalashnikov fitted with a PSO-1 or an SVU rifle. This would allow them to be both effective marksmen and effective fire team riflemen.

    The operation was a failure which highlighted several glaring problems within Duty that should be addressed. I will be awaiting disciplinary action for my insubordination and opinions expressed in this report.
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Duty Patrol - After Action Report - 9/30/14 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Duty Patrol - After Action Report - 9/30/14   Duty Patrol - After Action Report - 9/30/14 EmptyThu Oct 02, 2014 10:55 am

Response From: Captain 'Jinx'

Time: 09:45

Directed at: Recruit Zelenko


Your response to such a problem within our ranks in commendable, and I personally apologize for the incident. The Sergeant who was in charge of you're fire-team was tasked with gathering information about the area around our newly founded FOB. Due to the lack of Intel this lead you all too close to the newly founded Freedom FOB, and thus you were ambushed.
Although there was a loss of Dutier's, their sacrifice was not in vain, we gained valuable intel regarding the size and strength of the Freedomer's as well as extremely useful intel regarding the tunnels that WOULD have given us an advantage against Freedom; however, due to the presence of a PseudoGiants den, and the presence of Tunnel Suckers, the Tunnels will not give EITHER side an advantage until cleared.
Objectives moving forward should be to make sure Freedom doesn't gain any other ground and to work on the strategic movement of troops to get us from Point A to Point B, with secondary objectives being to continue to eliminate all dangers the zone possess, such as the mutants in the tunnels.
As to your tone regarding the Sergeant, you should have requested a conference with Myself or a Lieutenant of Duty, and talked with them privately instead of putting such a tone in formal writing. The Sergeant did lack the required leadership capabilities to successfully lead you onward to safety and or victory, and he paid the price. You're being moved to another Fire-Team due to the lack of members in your current one, and you'll receive disciplinary actions in the future when I have time to talk to you in person myself.

Thank you for the after-action report, and kudos to your survival. Your suggestions and opinions have been noted, carry on with the fight.
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Duty Patrol - After Action Report - 9/30/14
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