A roleplaying narrative based on the STALKER universe.
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 Introduction to Cheeki Breeki Roleplay

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Introduction to Cheeki Breeki Roleplay Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to Cheeki Breeki Roleplay   Introduction to Cheeki Breeki Roleplay EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 9:01 pm

Welcome to the Zone

It is Late September, 2012. The investigation of Operation Fairway is long over and the Ukrainian military has pulled out of the city. For the last month or so, Stalkers have flooded here, taking advantage of the new-found anomalies to take back to Yanov or Zaton. A couple groups set up shop, making their attempt to increase activity even further. Their problem: The Monolith do not want them in the city and attacks have become a constant for the loners wandering about. Furthermore, Duty and Freedom are establishing more reasons to fight as new land opens up. 
The Zone is getting even more hostile by the day. Watch your back out there.
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Introduction to Cheeki Breeki Roleplay
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