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 Duty Roster / Overall Ranking System

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PostSubject: Duty Roster / Overall Ranking System   Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:39 pm

Duty Roster:

Duty Lead: Sir_Leaf

Duty Roster:
Cpt. James 'Jinx' Markson(KIA) - Sir_Leaf

Cpt. 'Sgt. Bubbles' - Sir_Leaf

1stLT. (Insert Name Here) - Duatin

Rct. Anatolily 'Mad Medic' Zelenko(Discharged) - Meatshield

L-Cpl. Humphrey ‘Dragonfly’ McQuillen - Phenix_360

Sldt. Viktor Berezin - Khan

Rct. 'Hornet'(KIA) -Failbonds

Sldt. Amber 'Matches' Lanier -Failbonds

Sldt. 'Kotch-Tape'(KIA) - OBEY

Sldt. 'Garnet' - OBEY

Duty Ranking System

Recruit - Rct.

Soldat - Sldt.

Senioer Soldat - SSldt.

Lance Corporal- L-Cpl.

Corporal- Cpl.

Sergeant- Sgt.

Staff Sergeant- SSgt.

2nd Lieutenant- 2ndLT.

1st Lieutenant- 1stLT.

Captain- Cpt.
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Duty Roster / Overall Ranking System
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