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 Khan's UKM Application

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Khan Aitmatov

Khan Aitmatov

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Khan's UKM Application  Empty
PostSubject: Khan's UKM Application    Khan's UKM Application  EmptyTue Sep 30, 2014 12:51 am

Steam Name: Khan
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60025899
Combat RP Experience: I've participated in combat RP multiple times.
Stalker RP Experience: I've been on StalkerRP for about a month now.
Desire to Join UKM: To participate as the opposing faction in events.
Willingness to Cooperate with Presence in Events: Of course.
Willingness to Receive IC / OoC Training: I don't see why not.

What is the UKM's purpose in the zone?: Maintain security on the borders, prevent excursions by Stalkers into the zone without granted permission, and to halt the trade of artifacts to the outside world.
How will your UKM interact with other soldiers or military stalkers: Casually.
How will your UKM interact with his superiors and officers?: In a respectful manner.
How will your UKM interact with unauthorized Stalkers in the zone: Attempt to apprehend the group through force. If met with resistance, they will be executed.

Name: Alexei Antonov.
Ethnicity: Ukrainian.
Age: 32 years Old.
Rank: Lance-Corporal.

Backstory: Right after being transported to the Main Operating Base via Mi-26, Sergeant Vistin, Corporal Annikov, Lance-Corporal Berezin, and I were sent to protect a small convoy delivering supplies to the FOB close to Pripyat, along with a sixteen other soldiers. We took a road that had not yet been secured, but it was the quickest way to reach the FOB. All seemed well until an RPG hit the Ural-4320 in front of our truck. We immediately jumped out of the vehicle and  were met by gunfire from bandits. These fiends seemed to have raided a previous convoy and obtained military grade weaponry. What seemed like six bandits had successfully ambushed and stopped a convoy of twenty soldiers. Half the convoy had been decimated from the RPG and the squad that I was with had made a run for it to a nearby ditch. Lance-Corporal Berezin had been shot in the back while running with us. As soon as we made it to the ditch, we radio'd in for support, and returned gunfire resulting in a shootout that had lasted for two hours.

The nine soldiers were dwindling in number as one by one, each soldier had met their end. By the time there were three of us left, Sergeant Vistin, Corporal Annikov, and I, had only eliminated three of them. We were low on ammo, low on troops, and mentally scarred from our comrades bleeding beside us, void of life. By the two hour mark, three UAZ-469s had appeared, two carrying four soldiers and the other with only a driver. They immediately began to shoot their AN-94s on the bandits' location, killing the last of them. After the firefight had concluded, my squad and the eight soldiers that had came to support awaited the arrival of a new Ural-4320, to pick up the supplies. After about half an hour of loading up weapons, ammo and foods into the truck, we got in the UAZ-469 and finally made our way to the FOB. Once there, we had rested for a day, before being redeployed with a different squad, sending us deeper into the zone.

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Khan's UKM Application  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Khan's UKM Application    Khan's UKM Application  EmptyTue Sep 30, 2014 4:00 pm

I can dig this. SSDD, amirite?

Khan's UKM Application  3-way-golden-rule_o_GIFSoupcom
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Khan's UKM Application
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