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 Jonathan Shepard's Application

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PostSubject: Jonathan Shepard's Application   Jonathan Shepard's Application EmptyTue Sep 30, 2014 12:33 am

|In-Character Information|
Name: Jonathan Shepard
Age: 18, going to be 19 in a few months.
Family Members: All of them are in Canada, as of now.
Backstory: To put it short and sweet, I grew up as a normal kid. Went through elementary and high school just fine. I loved studying medical stuff, and also learning how to make stuff. Life was good. When the time came around, me turning 18, my parents threw me out of my house. I was poor, and nothing, and had one idea. Come to the Zone, and try and make my fortune there. I was always a kid for free ideals, so that's why Freedom intrigued me when I got here. Keeping the Zone free, and basically seeing what it does. It was right up my alley, which is why I'm writing this.
Specializations (if any): Anything medical, as long as it has nothing to do with brains. I'm also very crafty, and can make pretty intricate stuff. My biggest build was probably a home-made pipegun. It was pretty cool, gotta admit.

|Faction Related Information|
What is Freedom's ideology?: Freedom's ideology is to co-exist with the Zone, and keep it free, as well as wanting to keep it, as a scientific greatness.
Why do you wish to join Freedom?: I wish to join Freedom so I can protect the Zone, and keep it free and peaceful. I want to help keep this beast of a place alive!
Why should Freedom pick you?: Freedom should pick me, as I am a very loyal, very smart, and some-what experienced S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I believe my skills in medicine, mechanics, and firearms will help server Freedom.
Who is the Freedom Leader?: The Freedom leader in this bit of the Zone is known as Spooky. Odd name for a guy who runs a faction, but whatever. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. do what a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. do.

|Other Information|
Define Injury RP: Injury RP/Pain RP is reacting to damage/previous damage that has occurred to your character, i.e a fresh bullet wound, or an un-treated broken leg. Stuff like that.
Define Metagaming:  Metagaming is using out-of-character info in-character, such as:
Guy 1: *gets killed IC by Bandit 1*
Guy 1: [TS or Skype] "yo he's around the corner, kill him! get my stuff back, please."
Bandit 1: *continues IC*
Guy 2: *pops around the corner, shooting and killing the guy*
Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): RDM is random death match, also known as my most hated thing. It's where you, of course, randomly deathmatch. Basically randomly killing people with no IC reason.
Will you take responsibility for your actions?: Of course. I always take the blame for any fuckups and mistakes caused by me, and I always try my best to correct them.
Will you actively use the forums?: I am now, and I plan to continue, so, yes.
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Jonathan Shepard's Application
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