A roleplaying narrative based on the STALKER universe.
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 [OVERVIEW] The Monolith

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"It must seem there is some base logic in your judgement of me.
I know I cannot correct this now - but, even so - I will try to attempt repair.
You judge my being with your own particular reasoning,  but in that is the problem.
For eight thousand years, humans have squabbled, attempting plays at reason.
Do you not see how it is innately flawed?"

"David Hume proved this, to which Kant struggled to rebuild the human philosophies once again.
Your minds are driven by a base need to shun those dreaded truths beyond your understanding.
Those utterly unimaginable powers beyond your reason, lurking in the dark corners and far flung outer gulfs.
Know this now, that you will never understand."

"I do not believe this will cause you despair, that is fine. Such is how it must be.
Struggle in vain, wander and ponder, think that your Darwinism, Newtonian Law, and Einstein revelations stabilize your world.
You tread upon matters that are of no simple consequence. You are strong - yes, very strong - my child.
But, I am beyond strength. I am an unblinking witness to all the lies of humanity."

"I speak for that which must listen. There is only one outcome.

—Monolithian Preacher, Antithesis

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The Monolith

The Monolith is a faction of zealous Stalkers that have been exposed to the mysterious entity deep within the zone most know as the Wish-Granter. Mysterious and largely inhospitable to stalkers, the Monolith are taken to be uniquely patterned and incredibly hostile. Forsaken of all connections, they exist alone in reaches of the Zone that should be entirely lethal to passersby. Areas that delve deep underground are also known to be under threat of Monolith activity. The Monolith do not discriminate, acting with machine-like rigidity - almost unnaturally thorough. Though they feel pain, suffer from physical wounds, and have bodily functions like all other stalkers - they are resolute. A Monolithian Stalker will never desert, or consider betrayal.

Fear seems to be a feature lessened in most Monolith, kept at levels seeming to suggest merely uncertainty, or doubt. Monolithians are not susceptible to despair, and such are harder to intimidate, and will almost never suicide. The only possibility of suicide in the Monolith is in combat - and it is a rare sight. When mortally wounded and disabled - usually bleeding out at a slow or moderate rate with an empty firearm or disabled limb(s) - the Monolith in question will seem to speak as the pin is pulled on a live grenade - attempting to snuff out all life in its area. Much more common is it that Monolith will fight to the last man - usually surviving against horrifying scenarios - and that this stratagem is a rarely observed minority.

The activities of the Monolith are largely mysterious to the stalkers of the zone. Interested in the defense of specific areas in the zone - most of them being deep within its reaches and largely untravelled - confrontations with the Monolith are uncommon, but not unheard of. They exist like ghost stories, and sometimes they play out with the same state of affairs.

The Monolith defer their zealotry through what other stalkers have noticed to be a megalomaniacal disfunction. They believe that God speaks to them, and guides them to enact divine agency. Monolith rarely communicate with other Stalkers, but at times a Preacher has been known to take a stance for the Monolith. These persons, sometimes charismatic, intimidating, or both that - with an interest that seems almost protective for the Stalkers of the zone - establish regular communication with Stalkers who venture to new areas that have already been inhabited by Monolith.

The equipment the Monolith possesses is quite impressive, which makes up for a deficiency in raw manpower. A particular organization and mechanical process in nature to their combat makes them particularly fearsome. Trained in signalling, signing, spotting, rifling, and many more skills - the group seems to be a highly adaptable, merciless force.

The Monolith has largely operated without formal ranks, but Stalkers who have encountered them often denote the Monolith into three groups. Acolytes are the newest and greenest of the recruits, seeming to be taking from experienced stalkers before their rebirth. The Proselytes are the bulk of the faction, maintaining a level of skill and ability that outmatches a considerable amount of stalkers. Then are Collolytes whom form the upper echelons of the Monolith command, forming their most fearsome and devastating combatants.

With the recent demise of the mysterious C-Consciousness, the entity surrounding the creation of the Monolith, the Monolith have stopped hearing the call of their God. Many devoutly hold to the last commands of their divine master, while some have begun to fray and regain their humanity. In this time, leaders of the Monolith who take their devotions to heart in an attempt to cement the order together have risen. Noted as Preachers by the most of the stalkers, they are among the foremost champions of their respective groups - vocal and capable of tremendous presence.

All these things considered, it stands to reason that the Monolith are feared by all sensible stalkers of the Zone. For, it is an unfortunate soul who finds himself alone in a tunnel, staring into the unblinking eyes of the guardians of the zone's secrets.

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[OVERVIEW] The Monolith
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