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 Jonathan Shepard

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PostSubject: Jonathan Shepard [DEAD AS A MOTHAFUCKIN' DOORKNOB]   Jonathan Shepard EmptyMon Sep 29, 2014 4:06 pm

Name: Jonathan Shepard
Country of origin: Canada
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Age: 18
Known languages: Fluent British English, small amounts of French, barely any Russian
Accent: Stereotypical Canadian, however with much less "eh".
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 144 lb.
Hair style and colour: Short and black, usually messy.
Body build: Slim, average. Slightly muscular arms and legs, but still a weakling.
Eye colour: Green
Current faction: Loner, gun for hire.
Mental disabilities: Anxiety issues, easy to be frightened.
Physical disabilities: None.
Previous occupations: Clinic worker, nurse, minimum wage worker.
Hobbies: Drawing, fixing things, and making things.
Family: Still alive, now all moved to the nice city of Brandon. Various other members are scattered throughout Canada.
Sexual orientation: "Hey, if I knew, I'd tell you."
Petro Petrovich [FRIEND] [ALIVE?]: "My first ever friend in the Zone. And he lives. Man. Crazy shit, it is. Oh well. He's still my bud, heh."

'Rose' [ACQUAINTANCE]: "She's a Russian whore who I think gave Petro crabs. What more can I say?"

'Shady Boris' [ACQUAINTANCE]: "A shady motherfucker, so I guess his name is the only truth you can get from him."

'T-Bone' [ACQUAINTANCE]: "He's a black dude with an attitude. Helped me take down Crimson and Jar Jar. Pretty good guy, he is."

Jeff 'Defender' Jones [FRIEND] [DEAD]: "Another Canadian, so that makes him alright in my books. Also helped me take down Crimson and Jar Jar, so a plus there."

Relations to factions:
[LONER]: "They're a good group of people. However, no one special, just Average Joe's, usually with guns."
[FREEDOM]: "Eyy. I'm one o' them. Fun times, it is."
[DUTY]: "It's still called Duty. Hahah. Man. Seriously though, they're a bunch of dicks. Big, bloody, mutilated penises, so they serve no use. 0/10 would never Duty again."
[MONOLITH]: "The fuck issa monolith?"
Theme song:

Ripperino Pepperino.

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Jonathan Shepard
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