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 Trinity 'WhiteKnight' Hilton [Retired from the Zone]

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Trinity 'WhiteKnight' Hilton [Retired from the Zone] Empty
PostSubject: Trinity 'WhiteKnight' Hilton [Retired from the Zone]   Trinity 'WhiteKnight' Hilton [Retired from the Zone] EmptySun Sep 28, 2014 11:32 pm


Trinity 'WhiteKnight' Hilton [Retired from the Zone] 34612210
Trinity 'WhiteKnight' Hilton [Retired from the Zone] Trin_t10

Name: Trinity Catherine Hilton
Age: Unknown
Height: Six feet and one inch
Hair: Short and black
Eyes: Dark brown
Build: Kick Boxer
Faction: Retired [Fortius Ferrum]
Mental disabilities: PTSD
Physical disabilities: None
Known languages: Ukrainian, Japanese, German, and English.
Hobbies: Kick boxing, Exercising, Sparring, and studying new cultures.
Former Occupations: Kick boxing instructor and Personal trainer. Fortius Ferrum STALKER.
Motto: "Pretty flowers are sometimes the most deadly."
Story: [At an END]
Family: Fortius Ferrum

Relationships: | Love | Good friend | Friend | Neutral | Dislike | Enemy |

Dustin: Close friend and family. Tries to keep in contact with him and Marz and their family when she can now.
Zero [Unknown]: Sending prayers his way. Stay safe, Boss. Stay safe... 
Marz: Cant understand a fucking word. But she's family in the end. Glad she talked her out of staying in the Zone.
Alison: A sister forever. Wishes she could have come with her. Left her with a big burden. Never got to repay the favor.  
Ashes: Regrets having to leave him behind. There won't be a day that goes by that she won't think about the time they shared that one night. (But then again...maybe she never had to forget  Wink  )
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Trinity 'WhiteKnight' Hilton [Retired from the Zone]
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