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 [GPDA] is up and running!

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PostSubject: [GPDA] is up and running!   Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:23 pm

Character known as 'Raksho' found a way for // [GPDA] to work on the radio wavelength.

Features and whatnot:
[GPDA]-has the stalkers PDA info on it, it also has the stalkers PDA ID info attached to it, Lets stalkers identify easily.
[GPDA-HIDDEN]-The stalker has hidden his PDA ID and Profile.
[GPDA-UKN]-The sign of a malfunctioning PDA, or a PDA that has not its ID set by the owner. (Rp related, just have a good reason for this shit and whatnot)

[GPDA] /can/ be jammed by the larger factions(This is to prevent enabling Tards in the zone)
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[GPDA] is up and running!
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