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 Format for Logging Harm

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Format for Logging Harm Empty
PostSubject: Format for Logging Harm   Format for Logging Harm EmptyFri Sep 26, 2014 5:11 pm

Okay, so to give a foundation for people to recognize and appeal to getting "rekd", Those that give events or cause a character to get hurt is to put it up on here. I'm not going to put a strict system on it, just do somehting like this:

Title of post: *Insert character* gets *killed/leg broken/#fukherriteinthepu$$i* on *Insert date* at *Insert time*

In the post, please give a summary of what happened in the event and why the person is now harmed in whatever way. That way if the person thinks they shouldn't have been harmed like they were, they can present their argument in a reply.

Do not post logs in this thread. 
Make a new one for the event you did.
logs posted here will be deleted.
PKs and PIs not logged will not be enforced.
have a nice day!
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Format for Logging Harm
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