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 Character Harm and YOU!

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Character Harm and YOU! Empty
PostSubject: Character Harm and YOU!   Character Harm and YOU! EmptyFri Sep 26, 2014 5:04 pm

All right, so it seems that Death is becoming a bigger topic among our little clique here at Cheeki-Breeki. So, I've decided to write out a few guidelines concerning death and Character harm so that we all know where we stand on the server. Remember that these are guidelines to help keep everyone at a negotiable level, not strict rules to be taken word-for-word to heart.

Let's say you're going to work/school in the morning. You have your own car and you keep it full of gas (You're just that awesome). Now let's say the light just turned green and your starting across an intersection and, OH NO!, a bus t-bones you and turns you into a mass of red paste all over the interior of your Honda Accord. Damn, that sucks, right? But it happens ALL THE TIME here in our perfect civilized world. Now you're a Stalker... You're walking through the woods alone with little gear and Cthulululululululu pounces on your ass. Sucks, right? But why are we getting surprised when that happens? Bad things are in the Zone, you are tethered to nothing and have nobody covering your ass.
           On this server, characters will die. Sometimes, earlier than the player would like. It's sad, and you should be sad about it. In a good RP, our characters will matter to us, but we're not going to devalue them as Virtual humans with lives and emotions by throwing NLR all over the place. So don't be surprised if a Pk happens. Still, it does suck, so to make sure your characters don't die stupidly, or that it doesn't sting quite as much when you loose that Combat Sunrise and your week's worth of Porkchop Sandwiches, follow these few pointers.

1.Don't be an idiot- I know, I know. We can't help it. But don't run into an open field with a sniper out there. Don't charge into a room without giving a peek for traps. It's kinda obvious when you think about it.

2.Make friends!- When you're out in the woods, remember that bloodsuckers have a hard time carrying two-people. Bandits tend to leave groups alone. And two pairs of eyes are better than one. When you go out to do dangerous shit, bring a friend.

3. Make a few different characters: Ever hear the term "Don't put all your eggs in one basket"? Well it kind of applies here. It sucks when you go on countless jobs, get a fuck-load of gear, and get it in with like... Three Biddies back in Loner-Town. So, when you want to go fool around on an event, but don't want to lose it all to Cthulululululul, why not bring an alt. There's no better way of keeping your "Main" alive, than to make your mistakes on some shit-nerd character you made in thirty seconds. Plus, it adds diversity and make the Rp better overall because it's not the same 12 people in the whole dead-city of Pripyat!

4. Put yourself in their shoes.- Kind of like #1 in this list, you really want to use your brain when dealing with a situation, or rather, THEIRS! Yes, your character is a strong independent soul-sista that don't need no man... However, for those that see some huge monstrosity and realize they are ill-equipt to just fight it...maybe they should run? Or hide until the baddie leaves? Roleplaying is rather slow-paced, so if you want to think about your options before "/me runs into the room Guns-Blazing!", there's no shame in it.

I hope these help a little and before you say "Dude, everyone knows this shit! You're dumb, Dusty. Why don't you go kill yourself?" Just remember that while you already know all of this before reading it... Every single one of you fucked up here at least once.. So read up and get it fresh in your mind.
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Character Harm and YOU!
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