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 Stormshadow's Freedom application.

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Stormshadow's Freedom application. Empty
PostSubject: Stormshadow's Freedom application.   Stormshadow's Freedom application. EmptyThu Sep 25, 2014 7:28 pm

|In-Character Information|
Name: Abas 'The Edge' Parker
Age: 24
Family Members: Unkown:Helena Parker(mother) Jake Parker(father)Rachel Parker(Sister)
Backstory: Abas grew up in a what we assume is A very depressing life. Both his parents where doctors, -probably brain surgeons- so they never had time for him. They always ignored him, but showed so much love to his sister. They let Abas becuame a free soul. He is used to doing whatever he wants(under the law), without anyone telling him what to do. One day however, when Abas was 17, his parents tried to send him to a boot camp, and hired some kidnappers. The failed badly, and ended up having their face bloodied, as Abas took karate, and Abas escaped. He spent the rest of his days living at a friend, the cousin of Axel 'Shadow' Hunter(Although Abas does not know Axel). When Abas was finally 24, He and his friend learned about a new location, called the Zone. Abas heard the rumors of the Zone, where mutants, Anomolies, Emmisions, and lots of artifacts dwell in.He decided that life was to boring, so he convinced his friend to come with him to the zone. They were low on cash, so when they reached the area, they decided to switch their USD's for Rubles. Abas's freind(may the moron rest in peace) convinced Abas to go out and explore. This did not end well for Abas and his friend. They ran into a Psduegiant, who instantly crushed and killed Abas' friend. It cornerd Abas. Abas thought that at that moment, he will never see the earth again. He was wrong. Suddenly, A sniper shot, probably a M24, was fired, and lots of NATO weapons were fired. The psdeogiant was instanlty killed. Abas was cowering, but then a few stalkers came into view. They walked up to him, and looked down, one of them taking off his gask mask. He then grinned, and showed his hand to Abas.
"Hey bro! Glad we saved you!"
Abas found out that A freedom patrol saved him from all hell. They brought him to a safe house, and took care for him for a few days. Abas that day, knowing he owed this group, and agreeing with their way of life, the way they think, and the way they love the Zone, is what he needed. That faithful day, Abas found out that he was finally free.
Specializations (if any): Abas was a cross country runner back in middle and high school, and was used to always sneaking past his parents to get near the Doritos, so Abas is very quick and quiet.  He prefers to be up close and personal, either point, with a shotgun, or a silenced weapon.

|Faction Related Information|
What is Freedom's ideology?: Freedom's main goal is to protect and preserve the Zone. They see the Zone as a gem that should be protected and treasured. They see it as a place of Redemption, a new chance, a new life. A place where you can get a job, make money, explore, and much more. They treasure all of this, and will fight to their last man to protect it.
Why do you wish to join Freedom?:  I would love to join Freedom due to the fact that I myself have the same ideology of Freedom in this STALKER role play. I see the Zone as a wonderful place to live in(not irl, I would never want to feel the pain and torture dem stalkers have to go through Razz), and I want to protect it from people who just want to attempt to dystroy a gem, my gem that gives me a job, true friends that will never leave you, and a new life. Sombody trying to dystroy it means sombody dystroying my life.

Why should Freedom pick you?: that's about it:
Freedom should pick me becuase Freedom needs a man they can rely on for anything. He will lay down his life for his fellow brothers in protecting the Zone. Also, he is very quiet and fast. He can be a very good infiltrator, and is flexible. Wether its up close and personal as a point man, meduim range infiltrating with a scope, or sniping, he is able to do it with ease.
Who is the Freedom Leader?: Spooky is the Freedom Leader

|Other Information|
Define Injury RP: Injury RP is to role play intense amount of pain.
// *Axel would fire his ak54, to suddenly stop. He has a strange... prickly feeling near his leg. He looks down, to see blood flowing out. He falls down on his back, screaming in pain and agony, grabbing his leg.

He whimpers as he pulls out a medkit, and takes out a surgical knife. He slowly enters the knife into his leg, screaming out loud, and begins to slowly remove the knife, his knuckles white as a ghost, his arms shaking to no end."
(Paragraph is for when the admin does a /event)
Define Metagaming: To Metagame is to use a tactical advantege over others, using a outside source, such as Teamspeak, Mumble, Steam chat, etc.
/event The bandit is hiding in the corner.
(ts person who saw him, but died) HES IN THE CORNER!
(person who heard the meta)*Axel goes to the corner, and shoots the guy in the head.
Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): Random Deathmatch(or attempt RDM) is to kill sombody for no reason whatsoever. This results in a kick or ban.
Will you take responsibility for your actions?: Yes, I will. If I do somthing stupid on my part, I will take responsibility on it.
Will you actively use the forums?: Sure, I guess....(Just don't expect me to do a bio, I hate doing those)
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Stormshadow's Freedom application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stormshadow's Freedom application.   Stormshadow's Freedom application. EmptyFri Sep 26, 2014 2:50 am

I'm not too sure how I feel about this. After what I've seen on the server, I'm leaning a little more towards a neh'.

Stormshadow's Freedom application. 3-way-golden-rule_o_GIFSoupcom
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Stormshadow's Freedom application.
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