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 Hans Kaufmann's Trader Application

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Khan Aitmatov

Khan Aitmatov

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PostSubject: Hans Kaufmann's Trader Application    Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:03 pm

Steam Name: Khan

Steam Page URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198080317526/

Steam #ID: STEAM_0:0:60025899

Character's Name: Hans Kaufmann

Character's Backstory:
(^Minimum of 3 Paragraphs^)
Hans Kaufmann was born in east Germany on november 9th, 1971. He grew up in an impoverished family that consisted of his mother, his father, and his brother, in Communist Berlin. Though they had little money, his parents were still able to run a pawnshop and make a small wage. However, when Hans was four years old, his father attempted to escape to west Germany in order to achieve a better lifestyle. His father was shot and killed trying to climb over the wall. After his father's death, his brother, who was fourteen at the time, had to step up and run the pawnshop. When Hans reached the age of eight, he was allowed to run the shop while his brother picked up supplies. While he worked at the shop, he picked up Russian from overhearing soldiers' conversations, and by the time he was thirteen, he could fluently speak Russian. On the day of his eighteenth birthday, was the day the Berlin wall was torn down. He finally could explore outside of east Germany.

After three years of saving up enough money, Hans Kaufmann, his brother Daniel, and his mother Adelina, decided to move their shop to the newly formed country, Ukraine. They set up their shop in Kiev, and began to make a profit after months of settling in. But soon after their shop began doing well, Adelina had caught a cold. She died on December 15th, 1993. With the recent loss of their mother, the shop was left to Daniel and Hans. After ten years of running the shop, Hans' brother became close with a group of traders who had multiple shops set up all around Kiev, and there he began to receive extra supplies from the leader of the group, Dierk Barth. Once the extra supplies began to roll in, their shop, named Adelina, had become one of the most popular shops within Kiev. After five years of running the shop and receiving supplies from Dierk, his  brother eventually asked Dierk Barth about where he finds all this supplies, and he simply answered by saying, "The zone". A place where buried treasures await for those who are brave enough. Dierk has a group of scavengers who go in and out of the zone freely by bribing the Ukrainian military that guard the perimeter. They would bring back rifles, materials, technology, and rarely items called "Artifacts". Once Hans got word of this place from his brother, he immediately asked to be smuggled in with Dierk's group of scavengers.

After two months of waiting for the group of scavengers to return and rest, they were finally ready to move out once more. Hans was able to go with the group this time, for a small price. After days of walking, they had finally made it to Pripyat and rested at a small town called "Loner Town". After two days of resupplying in the town, Hans decided that this would be the perfect location to settle. Hans had asked the scavengers to act as messengers for him and contact his brother whenever they return to Kiev, to establish a trade. Loner Town was the first expansion of Hans and Daniel's shop, Adelina.

Character's Method of Supply:
(^Minimum of 1 Paragraph^)
Every two months, the scavengers act as a caravan and pick up supplies from Daniel Kaufmann and Dierk Barth in Kiev, and bring it to Hans Kaufmann in Loner Town. They enter the Zone by bribing the Ukrainian soldiers. The group gives the supplies to Khan Aitmatov, who then enters the password and leave it in a locker behind his Kiosk. The scavengers rest there for two days before setting off to scavenge, and later return to Kiev. The caravan is well armed to fend off from bandit attacks and creature that the zone has created. Their method of transportation is two pack mules with the group of scavengers walking in a diamond formation around them.

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The Duatin
The Duatin

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PostSubject: Re: Hans Kaufmann's Trader Application    Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:59 pm

I give the Support of the Duatin. I have given over teir 1 and some medical stuffs for the moment, and will go about upgrading when more support comes to the app.
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PostSubject: Re: Hans Kaufmann's Trader Application    Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:46 pm

He's a good and fair trader. Better yet, he makes some very dirty jokes.
+1 for me!
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PostSubject: Re: Hans Kaufmann's Trader Application    Sat Sep 27, 2014 4:13 pm

Pretty good trader, needs moar stuff to sell.
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PostSubject: Re: Hans Kaufmann's Trader Application    Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:30 pm

+1 Good trader....I need to buy more shit from him, but the stuff he has right now is poop.
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PostSubject: Re: Hans Kaufmann's Trader Application    Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:58 pm

+1 Needs more shit. I will buy this mans shit if he has more shit.
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PostSubject: Re: Hans Kaufmann's Trader Application    

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Hans Kaufmann's Trader Application
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