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PostSubject: Donation Information   Donation Information EmptyWed Aug 20, 2014 11:09 pm

Donations to the server can be made here: https://www.nfoservers.com/donate.pl?force_recipient=1&recipient=thebigdx@yahoo.com. All donations are sent directly to the Coffer of the NFO account and can be used for nothing but payment for the server's hosting. On the page, you simply fill out the information asked and be sure to include your Steam name and ID in the "Message to recipient" box so that donors can be credited.

Speaking of credit, here is our standing offer of perks for Donations:
The first $5 donated credits the player for the "t" flag and Two face models to be applied to their characters.
(Note: This means you can have TWO characters set to a face model. Not that each character can have your choice of two models or anything stupid like that. However, you can set a character back to a regular model if you wish to change out the model right to another character.)

From there, every increment of $5 will further credit One more character to be set to face models.

for our supporters from LeviticusRP: To player that have already given money to the Leviticus server, we offer the first $5 perks for simply joining and supporting us. All you need is to prove that you were on the Donor's list.
After that, a donation of $5 will grant you all of your former perks from Lev and all increments of $5 after that will simply grant another face model.

While we are happy to offer these perks, please keep in mind that ALL donations are considered gifts to the community and are not payment to guarantee the perks above. cases of abuse can and will result in removal of said perks.
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Donation Information
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